6 Tips To Manage Your Social Media Account While You Are On A Vacation
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6 Tips To Manage Your Social Media Account While You Are On A Vacation

Social Media Marketing

Being in the industry of social media marketing, it can be really hard to disconnect yourself to take a vacation. It’s termed to be as the nature of the job. The job requires round-the-clock commitment, therefore the people try to avoid any kind of vacation. It’s a fine line to walk on, but there’s a way out to have the best vacation and marketing maintain in both hand in hand. Given below are the tips to what to do before, during and after your vacation as a social media manager:

  • Before the vacation

You are required to execute this plan around one or two weeks prior with your team for the effective accomplishment of the plan.

  • Schedule Your Content

When you’re just a week out from your vacation, gather your team to discuss them about the various marketing campaigns and other content related stuff that might affect the strategy and content plan. Once you’ve set up the whole picture in front of you, start to schedule every piece of the content that needs to be live at the time you aren’t at work. Also in addition prepare plus three days additional content on the backend. This will give you a nice buffer in case you run into any type of issue. Plus if nothing goes wrong at that point of time, then it would feel nice to return to work without having to worry about posting the other day. If you are a social media manager of Instagram too, this can help you auto-publish posts on the social media by scheduling them in prior.

  • Onboard Your Temporary “You”

Get yourself an onboard team member who will handle your work while you are away. Appoint that person to handle all the emergencies or questions while you’re out of the office. Whereas you can schedule the Instagram posts, but still you’re gonna need someone to monitor the comments, answer DM’s, post stories content, etc. Remember to set aside time to make sure that the member should know everything, from the content plan to the marketing tools used by you.

  • Create An Emergency Plan

What would you do if something goes wrong with your content while you are away? That’s why it is necessary to make an emergency plan and implement it when needed. The plan should cover all the areas. Don’t forget to discuss the plan with your team members and review it to the stakeholders. Make sure everyone is in the agreement before your departure so you can have a great vacation with things running off smoothly.

  • During the Vacation

Now it’s time to sit back and relax !!

  • Set Rules For Yourself

If you can’t detach yourself from work, the key to having a good vacation plus effective work is to set boundaries. Make sure that you have set up specific check-in times and properly escalate things that need attention. Otherwise, you might fall into the void of endless emails in your inbox. Also ask your teammate to call or text you, only if it’s a real emergency.

  • After The Vacation

Are you feeling refreshed after the vacation? Settle in and now get back to work.

  • Settle Back Into Your Routine

This might be a bit difficult but you need to wake up and get back to work. Now that you are already prepared with the extra content before you left, this will help you regain the energy back so don’t overextend into rushing everything.

  • Get Updates From Your Point Person

Once you have settled in, check back in with the point person to see how things went on. Get to know if there was anything serious that had happened while you were out. Discuss your process and if things are required to be improved.

Working in the Social Media Industry expects the employee to be accountable 24/7 to them. But taking a vacation is very crucial for one’s health, creativity and happiness. And to achieve all this, you need a little preparation in prior and a supportive team.