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Best Native Ad Networks to be used in 2019

When it comes to advertising native is the latest online marketing trend. They make every possible effort in removing the gap between advertisers and publishers. Each ad campaign is managed and optimized by advertisers themselves. From leads to actual sales, the process of promoting products gets easy. It also monetizes sales website, and the best thing is sale can be made without actually owning the product. The research also shows that have 53% more viewership than traditional banner ads. Let’s first know what the role of native advertising in performance marketing is.

Role of native advertising in performance marketing

Native advertising means ads that appear on a web page that are similar to the content of the page. The usage of the native ad in affiliate marketing is making normal style ads that appear to be a part of the site itself. The native ads used by various affiliates use various strategies which attract the viewers to click on them.

Top Native ad networks to be used in 2019

Native ads are featured on top and famous sites, so native advertisements too need to be engaging for viewers. Here are some of the best native ad networks you should use in 2019 based on various factors including payment methods, cost per click, cost per acquisition, CPA, CPC etc.

1.MGID : MGID was launched in 2008 and has successfully promoted millions of websites. It offers campaign start at just $100 and is very beneficial for performance marketing agencies.

To target the right kind of viewers, the main options include

  • Browser
  • Language
  • Device

Thousands of websites are tied to the audience through MGID. Low entry fee and good functionality are the perfect reasons to choose MGID for affiliates to start advertising.

2. Revcontent: It seeks high requirements from publishers and is one of the best native ad networks. The disapproval rate of Revcontent is 98% as they seek quality of the site. Their minimum payout is $50. Despite of such self-limiting strategies they continue to be as the “top growing native advertising network”.

There are two types of bidding models offered here namely:

  • CPC
  • vCPM which depends on viewable impressions

  You can also optimize clicks and ROI.

Other options are common including:

  • Geo-targeting
  • Device and OS targeting
  • No Wi-Fi/Carrier targeting
  • Language

The best option offered here is Exclude Low Volume Widgets which is helpful in the filtering of websites which in turn improves the traffic you’re buying. The other options include push notification traffic, retargeting, brand targeting, topic targeting etc. Apart from the problems faced while getting approval, Revcontent is a great native ad network.

3. AdNow: It is a high scale platform with more than 150000 webmasters. It has a high ad quality and impressive clients. It has very few requirements, so all publishers with average or low traffic are welcomed to this ad community. It also has a low minimum payout of just $20.

4. Outbrain: It was founded in 2006 and serves with a simple motto of quality. A website requires 1,000,000 US visitors per month to access Outbrain’s network. The result makes it appear on CNN, Fox News, Mashable, Daily Telegraph etc. The traffic source is also dominated by tier 1 countries. But the strict policies become a headache for affiliates. They can easily get rejected without any reason. The minimum payout is $20 but even in low competition top tier GEOs, the CPC runs on $1 per click.

Some of its common features include:

  • Sophisticated audience
  • High quality traffic
  • Low daily budgets
  • High CPC
  • Strict approval terms

It is not entirely out of reach for affiliates, but they just need to prove that they are included in the top bunch.

5. Taboola: It has been around since 2007, a little after Outbrain and is more conventional ad space. The real authority carriers like AOL, NBC, Business Insider, MSN etc. display your content if you do get engaged with Taboola. The tier 1 countries serve at least 50 % of the traffic on their network. The entry barrier here is also quite tough. They need websites with at least 500,000 monthly traffic and offer pretty strict content policies. Negative keywords are also allowed to restrict ads/contents of certain headings from ever appearing on the publisher’s website. There is also an option to hide ads not liked by viewers. The campaign targeting options here include:

  • Location
  • Device
  • Publisher blocking
  • Operating system
  • Audience

The audience option is a complicated one and basically allows retarget audience and target a specific audience. The most helpful setting here is the CPC setting which allows various options including CPC bid, CPA goal and accelerated/even spending. The campaign can also be edited at any time in the data gathering mode.

To sum up the various features, Taboola has:

  • High quality traffic
  • Top tier GEOs
  • Low approval rates
  • High CPC
  • High budget

The various other native ad networks that can be used in 2019 include PayClick, Earnify, Spoutable, RonSearch, AmanteMedia, Yahoo Gemini, Native Ads, and gravity. Also, the banner ads are different from Native Ads. Google AdSense also provides a platform for publishers to advertise their content sites through various interactive media. Adsense for search is also helpful for publishers to earn 51% of revenue from these ads.

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The native ads are very useful for affiliate marketing sites as they provide a separate platform for advertising a product. The feature of native ads through which the ad seems just like any other site content provide with great viewership. Although the various restrictions and high CPC rates result in the rejection of various affiliates, the native ad networks still continue to grow with the increasing market. Also, the various other features like language, publisher blocking, audience, operating system, device, location, push notification traffic, retargeting, brand targeting, topic targeting add even more benefits for affiliates to use these native ad networks.