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Machine Learning

Everything a marketer needs to know about machine learning

Let’s admit that we, being the marketers use only a fraction of the data that we collect. It’s not that we don’t want that data. We really do need it. Let’s take an example, that you follow each and every customer, you keep a record of everything they read, see all the websites they went to, Where they clicked on, etc. Hence with all that knowledge, you could sit on your desk and design a marketing strategy for them with real ease.

Every client requires a personalized and hand-crafted marketing strategy and execution for every prospect the marketer could have. Being able to focus on every bit of data about the prospects and customers is not at all easy, we are not machines, but humans for sure. But What if a well-programmed algorithm could follow on each one of the prospects and could recommend the perfect piece of content out of the whole big pile of documents? What if the same algorithm could predict the perfect time for your ace salesperson? 

Then Machine Learning is your answer. 

Machine Learning is nothing but an application of artificial intelligence that provides the systems with the ability to just use the data to answer questions of the marketer. One of its strengths is its algorithm’s accuracy which can improve over time as it can learn on its own. So, if a program plays ping pong, it might be considered artificial intelligence, a program that can learn to play any other game would be an example of machine learning. And if the game tends to set up multiple levels in it, then these complicated machine learning systems are called deep learning.

While the marketers would be interested in the machine learning to find leads. Or optimize the message systems, this can also be used for other applications like in finance, weather, or in any large set of data. More than 80 percent of marketing executives believe that machine learning is the new revolution of the marketing industry. Also by going with the numbers around 27% of the marketers are very confident in the understanding of Artificial Intelligence used in the marketing line. 

The major issue that rose up was about how machine learning really work came up as a different study. The biggest issue why the marketers are unable to understand the concept of machine learning is that their biggest impediment is to its adoption in their work as they think that AI can’t take place of their manually working heads. Despite this, on the other hand, various marketers from different cities are willing to dive into it in any way, as long as they will get an assurance of increased revenue, improved traffic and engagement, higher conversion rate and a better close rate for the sale.

Machine learning can change the world with its concepts. And also it can be a bit confusing at times but all it requires is to go back and improve the marketer’s quality of the data. The marketers who have excelled in here can lead in the field ending up ruling the industries. Google has also created a guide to help the marketers optimize the Machine Learning Marketing Effort, whether you are just a professional one or a beginner.

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How can voice SEO boost rankings?

People perform search on the internet when they need information about something. Earlier it was not so easy to find information about any topic. With increasing penetration of technology and mobile phones, voice search is gaining a lot of popularity. As per study, by 2020, approximately 30-50% of all searches shall be voice made. That is something to definitely take notice of! Business for also readily adapting various artificial intelligence techniques and integrating them with their operations.

In sync with these trends, the companies have realized the importance of voice engine optimization for SEO. It is crucial to gain lead among competitors in this highly competitive league.

What is Voice Engine Optimization?

Now you might think what is voice engine optimization? It is basically the process of optimizing search engines for voice-based searches. It is just the advanced version of what activities are being done under SEO. In this kind of SEO, the content, location and brand information of the company is optimized as per voice search made by users. Therefore, your website appears on most of the keyword-type searches and improve the leads on the landing page.

You should definitely take notice of the applicability of voice search in today’s scenario. Voice recognition has been a dream since decades. It has taken a lot of efforts to bring it to the position it is today at! But, due to advancement in machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence augmentation, the voice search methods are in for some major changes.  The Google AI assistant has achieved a major feat in natural language processing. Its accuracy rate is almost 95% with a minimal error percent of 4.9%.

The voice search results are even surprising because there are only 3 results that are displayed in case of voice search. Therefore, if you are not on top, you won’t even be noticed by the users! It is expected that by 2020, approximately 50% searches will be voice-based! That is just a matter of a year when the competition is expected to get even hotter! All shall be fighting to get to that number one spot in voice search results. All these trends indicate that AI and voice search are poised to re-shape the SEO industry.

How can Voice SEO boost SEO rankings?

Here various steps for using voice SEO judiciously in order to get ahead of the competition!

  • Optimizing business listings

While you list your business organization on various business listing websites, be sure to clearly mention your name, address of operation and phone numbers. However, the data must be consistent and in case of any change, must be updated immediately. Else the customer might not be able to contact you properly and it might cost you a valued customer. You would be surprised to know that approximately, $10.3 billion are lost annually because owners fail to provide correct information on business listing portals. It is your responsibility to ensure correct information is displayed to users.

  • Speeding up the website processing

Now this is a crucial step. When users voice search about something, they need results instantly. If your website loads slowly, they will move on to some other website that loads quickly. The search engine giant, Google recently announced about their speed update which will enable page loading speed to rank websites in mobile searches. The average time taken by a mobile page to load is 15 seconds that is 12 seconds more than it should be!

Speed ranks are an important factor for voice search optimizations. For business organizations to rank better in user’s list, they should improve their landing page timing.

  • Concentrate on better content by attending questions

People have started adapting voice search. Approximately 41% users state that they feel like they are conversing with a friend!

 Most of them use home assistant speakers that are Artificial intelligence voice activated like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple Home. The mode of their operation differs from conventional voice search engines. The keyword type search isn’t used, and questions are asked in their place!

Therefore, website owners are suggested to use long keyword phrases in their content so that they can be searched easily. It will also help in improving the natural language processing of your artificial intelligence engine. Just train your machine learning technology with the natural language your target audience is expected to use.

  • Provide better answers to the questions asked

You might have seen various portions of content being featured on different websites. The features are possible when the content is optimized. While the companies optimize their content for this, they are doing voice engine optimization in turn. One can follow certain steps like:

  • Creating an FAQ page for answering questions. This will help conversations to start at an easy level.
  • Regularly updating content with latest break-through.
  • Optimize questions with appropriate fonts and font size.
  • Start answering interesting questions about your products and services in detail.
  • In case you are short of relatable content, you can drive conversation through effective FAQs and answering them efficiently.
  • Test your website for voice search

Voice search is still undergoing development. Therefore, website developers must check their websites if they are ready for voice engine optimization. One must check it on various smart assistants like Alexa, Cortana, Siri for checking the feasibility of the website. Check the origin of most organic results. Also don’t forget your ranking on group and single business listing websites.

The best way of testing it is to study your competitor’s performance. In this you can improve on all those points where they are lacking. Thus, giving you a boost in the business!

Therefore, if you follow these simple points while undertaking voice engine optimization, you will get far more leads than your competitors who are not pursuing it. Voice search can’t be generic in nature. For fetching desirable results, it requires proper optimization. Only good content with a well-planned strategy help will help you get ahead in this highly competitive market.

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Chat Bot

Know Everything About A Chatbot !

This is a new age era where the machine does not only makes our work easy but also interacts with us either through voice devices or messengers. This is an era of Chatbots. Top social networks and companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google are using Chatbots in their devices and applications to give a whole other level of technology. 2.5 billion people around the world install at least one messaging app. Even Twitter followed suit and provided with automated customer service using the very same technique. But what exactly is a Chatbot and how does it function?

What is a Chatbot?

A service or tool that communicates with you via messages is a Chatbot. They are mostly based on machine learning and are programmed with such intelligent rules about what to respond when a person is saying a particular thing. A machine is talking to you. Sounds amazing right?

It can offer a wide variety of services from news reports to buying clothes and accessories or anything that comes in between.

There are two types of Chatbot currently used:

  • Rule-based: Certain pre-set answers are added to the tool or service for various expected questions.
  • Artificial Intelligence Chatbot: It not just answers your questions but gets smarter with each passing conversation and adds intent and emotion to its programming.

Chatbots was initially associated with text interactions only which allowed to chat with the application or tool. But with the introduction of Alexa and Siri, it is gaining popularity in voice conversations as well. With people using messaging platforms more than social media apps, Chatbots is being delivered by more and more companies to provide with an easy interaction method.

Uses of Chatbots

The following can be some of the uses of Chatbots:

  • Ordering pizza
  • Suggesting products
  • Providing customer service
  • Weather forecast
  • Finance assistance by banks
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Search and track flights
  • Finding restaurants and hotels
  • Sending money

How were Chatbots born?

You will be amazed to know that the history of the invention of this type of tool goes way back to 1950 with the invention of a computer program called ELIZA. Invented by Weizenbaum, ELIZA imitated a psychotherapist by using only 200 lines of code.

The first AI Chatbot was invented in 1988 by Rollo Carpenter in the form of Jabberwacky Project. The inventions continued in the year 2000 by Robert Hoffer building a relationship with millions of users via AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger. The services provided by it included news, weather, movie time and even acted as a personal assistant.

After various other huge companies like Facebook have used that Chatbot, Google, Amazon, Apple etc. by providing interactions between consumers and machine.

How does it work?

The working of Chatbots depends on the types of Chatbot used. As already discussed, chatbots are of two types: Rule-based and AI based. While the rule-based chatbots only work on the pre-planned questions and their possible answers, the AI based chatbot is much smarter and understands the sentiment behind the question and even learns and improves its working over time.

The technical working of chatbots is based on using a programming language like Node.js or PHP for making a web API as a backend and any messenger like Facebook, WeChat or Telegram as the frontend and connecting the two via webhooks.

The natural used language and interaction thus resulting seems an easy task. But thousands of programmers for over half a century have been putting a lot of effort using complicated algorithms, analytics, machine languages, APIs and other programming languages to create such services and making our lives easy.

Mark Zuckerberg when first introduced Chatbots in messenger said that “never met anyone who likes calling businesses”.

Why is it so important?

More people use messaging apps then social media networks. The marketers who found it easy to sell their brand on social networks are now shifting their attention to messengers as well where most consumers are going to be. A recent survey suggested over 63 per cent of consumers agreed that they want businesses to be available on messengers while over 49 per cent of consumers were comfortable in talking via messages to businesses rather than on phone calls. Might you think actual humans can also respond via messages right?

Well yes, they can, but the key to excellent service is not letting you customer way for a response. The actual human will naturally sleep, eat and do other personal chores while chatbots are machines which work 24/7 and can give full concentration to the needs of the consumer as it is well just a machine. The opportunity even increases for businesses as chatbots are already engaging a large number of consumers and with the usage of AI technology they are even smart and understand your sentimental values.

Chatbots for marketing

Suppose you are running a travel business and the consumer has specific questions he needs answers to. Well here is when chatbots come into play. Even chatbot can ask questions on what kind of vacation they are looking for or what location they might prefer.

It can also be used by say a fashion brand is wanting to sell the product. The customer can ask for the colour of dress and size directly via a chatbot rather than scrolling through the entire range of your products. Or even exact type of news or weather forecast for a particular place can be delivered by news channels via chatbots. It provides with a whole other customer experience engaging consumers like never before.

Chatbots also let one collect vast amounts of data based on likes and dislikes of the audience. They are easier to use than any app as they don’t need to updated and work on servers.

Now is the time to use chatbots. Be it a growing business or a huge company; chatbots can provide with one-on-one interactions with a large amount of audience. And yes with the bonus of 24/7 service, chatbots are the most efficient technology to use.

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Lead Generation

Ways to Optimize your website for lead generation

The business practices have come a long way from staying enclosed within metal shutters to accepting e-wallet cash by small vendors; technology is right there knocking on our door. Every big business firm to small MSMEs are doing business online with accepting orders to providing customer service; the world is moving at the pace of light.

Any company investing in a website for its business has the sole motive of maximum conversion through lead generation, and how to achieve that? The answer is not just sales; it’s a vast arena where every point needs to be taken care of. One can very well realize that B2B lead generation holds a lot of importance in case of effective sales lead generation as the sales representatives strive hard to generate leads from every place they can, and it sets back the motivation when it doesn’t lead anywhere. The CPL (cost per lead) should be planned with effective keywords so that the publishers of advertisement are satisfied with the revenue along with the owner.

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  • Try the most attractive forms

One should always recognize the potential of existing ways that are employed to generate leads. At times a little magic brings the magic. The principle applies to all walks of life, even technology. Coming back to the point, when someone studies the existing lead generating streams, improvements can be made in the lacking areas. For initializing the determination, one should determine the place of majority traffic origin and the maximum outreach of the page.  There are simple methods that can be deployed for such lead generation marketing-

  • E-mail marketing – The global flux of visitors might be from the links opened sent through e-mails. This is probably the best method to garner more eyes for one’s website.
  • Social media – There is a possibility that the Ad campaign is running on various social media platforms like Facebook, twitter redirects users to one’s website.
  • Blogs – Customers might be active bloggers who were influenced by the highest up-voted blog and opened the website.

It is easier to adapt the landing pages according to the requirement of the visitors once the majority origin of leads is inferred. After that, the administrator can modify the forms and determine whether the landing pages are of any significance to the visitors or not.

  • Channelise each lead generator.

As mentioned earlier, existing sources of leads must be thoroughly examined. Once it’s done, improvement must be made to the content of the page. There is various lead generation software available that can test not only existing sources but also provide valuable suggestions on how to improve the content available.  

           There might be a competition among one’s landing pages, and there might be one who is getting much greater leads than the other one. The rift might be huge (in thousands), but the visits might not be converting into profits as in the other one. That means, the former page might be exciting and intelligently placed but lacks proper content for conversion. Hence by conversions, optimizations can be made.

  • Attractive call-to-action on the homepage

The homepage for any website is the champion in many cases. It acts as a welcome page for the visitors along with a guide on how to interact with the website in total. The primary factor in play is the “call to action” which attracts visitors to check out the specialties being offered by the website. What needs to be kept in mind that a visitor is seldom in a mood for knowledge and requires as little fact as possible to seal the deal, therefore, it might prove fatal to lead the visitor to a lengthy epistle of statistics.

A person might offer free service, free subscription on the homepage itself which is good practice to tap every visitor. It makes a good impression on the prospective customer that a service offering free trial must be confident of its product and might think of getting it permanently. Free subscriptions entitle them to receive notifications about the advancements made recently while no charges are collected from them along with no commitment expected from them again acts in favor of the company as let’s face it, we buy a scrub pad after consulting two shops and that too after the third day of consultation! We might not have software for that, but we have lead generation strategies which constitute such offers.

  • Providing a live chat facility

Live chats are not provided just because they are in trend, but they provide a real-time experience for the service provider to know about consumer expectations. At times, one loses a lot of customer feedback due to the barrage of emails fired that are not cared to be replied or even read at times. This could act as a significant lead generator if used judiciously.

The above can come true only after the accurate determination of real-time expenditure by the consumer on pages and average consumer traffic on the landing pages. Thereby the live chat can be deployed on pages with maximum visitor flux as it is evident that people must be needing maximum assistance in those areas. It also helps in gaining powerful insights about consumer behavior along with building a reputation for the company as well.

  • Specialised calls-to-action

An attractive website depicts the use of vibrant colors and pictures which help in keeping the visitor glued to that screen. Along with customization, dynamic content makes one’s website stand out among peer websites. Visitors must feel that the website they are visiting is adapted for their personal use by specific calls-to-action buttons, easy menu, images and product option suited explicitly for them.

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In an independent survey, it has been claimed that personalized calls-to-actions have the potential of up to converting 42% more visitors than monotonous calls-to-action. We all know that all of us love a little bit of individual attention and that’s why we prefer buying electronics from that person who knows us personally instead of any online portal.

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6 Best Practices In B2B Remarketing

The economy of any country depends on various factors and the topmost being the business being done within as well as other countries. The people of our country are said to be innovative in case of making a livelihood by generating business ideas where there is not even the scope of earning. We might have come across the word B2B or business to business. The actual meaning is also simple as its acronym; it is said to be done when one business organisation makes a transaction with another one. It might be for the sake of raw materials or any initial stage of service required for the eventual output of the product. Like B2B, B2C (business-to-consumer) is another concept of a commercial transaction wherein the business sells the product directly to the consumer without the use of any middlemen.

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For a business to deliver high quality products and service, it needs to strengthen its B2B marketing along with a robust B2C channel to ensure higher profits at an affordable price for the consumer. For everything else, one needs to follow some basic practices in B2B remarketing:

  • Effective call-to-action

A strong call-to-action can drive the sales on a better path and is expected to bring more transparency between the business organisations involved. A simple free trial, the free subscription can do the magic of building trust.

  • Display an expert content

An expert and well-written content can rope in more customers than any other option can. It’s just a smart way of impressing prospective buyers to do business instead emphasizing the fact that one needs to make a sale. That’s nothing new! A business runs on the principle of sale only at the discretion of the buyer.

A B2B process involves much longer sales processes; hence every company is doing a lot of market research before closing a deal. A useful industry-proof content helps the prospect to choose from a sea of pursuers during the research. Every company believes in quality and content marketing is just an insight of the quality maintained in business as the very knowledge, and acute business sense can be displayed through the content thereby earning a lead and possibly a conversion.

  • Retargeting

It can be considered as rejoining with existing customers to re-establish a way of impressing upon customers regarding recent advancements made in the business process by making them visit the website interactively. Once an existing customer has bought the service for another time, there is a high possibility that suggestions might be made to new customers who are confused about which service to try. It helps in building a reputation for the company as well as increasing the sales. It works in a simple way, but for this, the customer needs to visit the site once. Upon visiting, the customer receives retargeting ads and cookies that ensure the website’s ad placement strategically on every online place the user visits which encourages them to click the ad and complete the transaction. No wonder we see ad placements of a particular product the day we search about it on the search engine or an e-commerce portal!

  • Optimization of Landing pages

An efficient landing page is capable of about 80% conversion rates. For this to happen, redundant links must be taken down, and the call-to-action buttons need to be more specific in their functions. The new customer must be able to interact with the page just like an existing customer. Such actions are called optimizations, and multiple sites are offering the service for it. Nobody wants to lose a prospective buyer for the sake of redundant links that might irritate him.

There are different types of consumers that exist, and they vary in everything from brand choice to buying preferences the categorization is vast and so are the possibilities. The success of a business lies in catering to the needs and demands of all categories of customers. Many times, it might be possible that the inventory created might not be suitable to all customers; thereby, the prospective buyer base flocking the website traffic must be kept in mind before opening up any business. In such cases, the ads created for campaigning of the website must be customer friendly. In such cases, social media endorsement can fetch up to 85% more conversion than traditional ads.

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For encouraging more people to look up the website, advertisements must be creative and able to connect to people. It can be achieved easily by following the Google remarketing code to intensify the website traffic on peak days like holidays and special sale hours. Also, the use of pictures and the video does the magic goes without saying.

  • Personalisation wins the heart

The audience is just like a solution with marketing being a filter able to separate prospective buyers using the correct approach. Many people like to browse through home pages and seldom land on any category page. For such kind of people, a specific type of ad will do the wonder which will carry an edgy dialogue with vertical inventory page landing while for specific product buyers, ads with specific trial and know manual type will hit the ball court. Business is all about targeting the right audience and at times when you don’t, make “them” the chosen one. Marketing instructors provide necessary bullet points on how to target the prospective buyer and how to convince someone to buy a service even if there’s no requirement.    A B2B marketing technique is one of the most efficient techniques in existence as the same principle is applied in sales, marketing, customer gathering thereby ensuring uniformity in every way possible. A marketing model fails due to lack of knowledge, communication and improper campaign management. Such is not a case in this process as in today’s scenario; everyone is opting for B2B channels which ensure a better outcome than the existing ones. What is necessary is business model optimization to cause minimum waste of resources and maximizing the outputs generated from them.

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