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E-Mail Marketing

Best Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Services By Converting Every One Of Them

Email Marketing is the most effective way for e-commerce companies and store owners to drive in sales. It’s the only channel where you own your audience as they have chosen it to hear it from you. Therefore, Email is set up as a high priority for many growing and new online stores. It is very important to understand that a single email you send has various sections like a preheader, visuals, subject line, etc. By understanding how to excel in every small segment like this can help you make an effective conversion or results.

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1.      Opening Up With The Email’s Subject Lines

This line has a very important job to do. It is the single most which decide whether the subscriber will open the mail or not. If the line isn’t compelling at all, then even the best email in the world will be buried in the inboxes of subscribers.

·        Be Clear: This line should tell your subscribers what are they going to find in the mail. There should be no space for any kind of misunderstanding.

·        Keep It Short: Try to cut off your subject lines into 50 to 70 words and try to limit yourself in this character limit itself.

·        Put Up Questions: Many studies have shown that phrasing a question tends to engage more and more subscribers.

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2.      Best time to Send The Email

Try to find out more about your customers and always find the right time to send the email campaign. For example, sending emails for an online store, the best start point is to check when the engagements are maximum. When during the daytime your store sells out the most? This information can give you a window to look on to your customer’s habits and schedules.

3.      Segmented Groups

Email Segmentation can help you by breaking up your audience into different small groups based on different goals. The large group of audiences can be segregated on the basis of location, level of engagement and interests. For Example, you make a segmented group made up of all the new subscribers who haven’t made a purchase yet. You can set up your goal to gain their trust by giving them first-time discounts in the mails.

4.      Craft Your Body Copy

It’s the segment where you have to fulfill your promises made in the subject line. Make your content more engaging with the subscribers. An email’s body should be both compelling, concise and on point. Your body copy must be able to convince the subscribers to call to action featured in your email in the given short period of time. While writing this body content, make sure of the following necessary key points:

·        Start with a simplified offer.

·        Write short paragraphs.

·        Show more white spaces between the paragraphs.

·        Use bullet points to leave an impression

·        Make use of the bolded phrases, highlighted text or key phrases to draw the attention of the audience towards you.

5.   Add On The Images To Add Value

Images can act as a good way to get your message to the audience. The key to using these images is to truly add value to your email as they have a better message than the text could do. In most of the cases, advertisers choose small images that are not more than 1 MB. This ensures the receivers to know what an image is and they can also view the image if they are interested.

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6.   Call To Actions

CTA is responsible to drive in the goal of every campaign. It’s what your email is making the subscribers do, whether it is reviewing a recent purchase or something else. Whenever you are setting up a CTA always keep in mind that:

·        Set One CTA Per Email: every campaign should be focused upon one central action. Each additional CTA runs to a risk of distraction and confusion for the reader.

·        Use Of Action Oriented Words: Using key phrases like “Limited Edition”, “Buy Now”, “Get Started Today”, etc can help the advertiser to bring in a sense of urgency among the customers.

·        Noticeable Button Image: Your Call To Action must be able to stand out among the rest of the emails. Use a button image of bright and contrasting colors for keeping it from getting lost. Always place this button in an area with plenty of white space.

Being a business owner, you might send all kinds of emails to your customers, but each with a different goal. You can use these tips to supercharge your performance with better email campaigns and more sales.

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E-Mail Marketing

Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Email marketing has the potential to generate unmatched ROI for your business, but figuring out how to optimize your strategy isn’t always easy. There are lots of cardinal errors that are made by marketers which depletes the sole purpose of the email marketing.  If used correctly, email marketing campaigns will increase conversions and offer a return beyond your wildest dreams.

The following 10 mistakes happen far too often and can be easily avoided:

1.    Uninteresting Subject Lines

This is the most common and repetitive error committed by most of the marketers. Uninteresting subject lines lead to ignored marketing emails. The targeted recipients are ruthless, callous and unforgiving when faced with a flat subject line. A lifeless opening line will lead to your email’s premature demise even before it discloses its purpose.

2.    Not Optimising For Mobile Users

An email which wouldn’t open in the mobile phone of the recipient would be sent to trash straight away because more than 65% of the users open their emails in their phones. It also includes that the images and designs should be mobile friendly as well.

3.    Sending Too Many Or Too Fewer Emails

Consistency is the key to success. Email marketing follows this principle. Often marketers expect sales after sending the first set of emails. However, it has been observed that 70% of sales emails don’t make it past the first attempt. On the other hand, don’t spam your recipient’s inbox with an array of daily/ weekly emails. Ultimately, the recipient will click on the “unsubscribe” button.

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4.    Lacking A Value Proposition

Expecting someone to go through an email which has no relevance to them directly? This is a really common mistake wherein the recipient receives an email which doesn’t offer something of value to the recipient.

5.    Forgetting A Call-To-Action

The CTA is the next step by which the recipient is helpfully directed to a landing page. Ultimately this was the aim. Lack of it would mean that the email served no/little purpose.  

6.    Not Cleaning Subscriber List

Sending emails to an unsubscribed or uninterested recipient is simply futile and simply adding more to your cost. Make sure you clean your subscriber list from time to time.

7.    Using heavy language

Many emails contain heavy and unrelated vocabulary words that make it difficult for the recipient to understand the meaning of the text, thereby losing the sole purpose of the email.

8.    Sending Emails At The Wrong Time

Luring subject lines and catchy deals are as effective as the timing at which the mail is being sent. Sending an email at an inappropriate time is equivalent to sending none. However, there is no perfect time at which an email must be sent, but you can start by sending emails at one time for a few months. Then, switch to another time for a few months and compare the respective results.

9.    Ignoring Analytics

Marketing email analytics are crucial to the success of campaigns. They tell what is working and also show what isn’t working.

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10. Not Using Automated Email Marketing

It’s a tough balancing act to calculate the appropriate number of emails but this issue can easily be tackled by using an automated email marketing software. Even though it will add to the marketing budget, but in the end, it would turn out to be an asset and can pay dividends.
With technology leaving its mark everywhere, it is the best way to spread awareness about your business using different digital platforms. Email marketing is the most commonly used digital platform medium. These tricks and hacks can help email marketers to utilize their email marketing campaign to the best of their abilities.

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Learn 9 Ways to Avoid E-mail Spam Filter for the Business

E-mails have been in existence for quite a while and are possibly used everywhere from smartphones to laptops, tablets, identification purposes, generating OTPs and various other places which might be even unknown to us. What irks us most of the times are the spam emails which flood our inbox as a result of an ill-conceived email marketing campaign. Majority of us have two or even three sets of e-mail IDs depending on our profession, i.e. personal and professional.

In case of personal e-mail IDs, the spam emails will irritate us, but many times, we find our formal e-mails not delivered to the respected client. After much brainstorming, the e-mail is found in the spam folder of their IDs. Remember the time when you were waiting for your favorite site to send you a confirmation mail, and it never came? Well, chances are there that mail did come and it might be there in your spam folder. If you ask the reason, probably because the ISPs and e-mail service providers have strict regulations regarding email marketing services and spammers due to which some genuine people must suffer.

A simple marketing intern sitting in a cubicle in any part of the country has been assigned the duty of email marketing. It involves sending messages to prospective customers and clients. But there is one genuine fear in mind; what if the message ends up in spam box? What are the spam traps and how can one save his e-mail from being labelled as spam?

How to avoid email spam filter

The success of an email marketing campaign depends on the open rate, i.e. how many recipients open the mail and read it. Another critical parameter is the CTR (Click through rate), which signifies how many clients clicked on the hyperlink in the email and visited the landing page.

An independent survey has claimed that only 79% of e-mails genuinely reach their destined inboxes while the rest are yet to see sunshine. While this might seem a simple thing, it might cause a multi-national company to lose a tender! Such instances might be a result of inefficient email design and lack of proper email marketing tools, or it might be a case of sheer bad luck!

Therefore, the following are the various ways of saving the mail from spam filters:

  • Avoid ignoring technical words

Before writing an e-mail, specific keywords are often assigned or are expected to be there in the mail. In such a case, the mail is recognized to originate from a genuine source holding some critical detail to be imparted. Also, specific issues are encircling the e-mail which must be taken care of before the mail is sent.

  • Genuine sender’s name should be used.

We don’t even open certain e-mails with suspicious e-mail IDs or insignificant CCs. It will be easier for the recipient to identify the genuineness of the mail if the sender mail ID contains the real name or even initials of the sender along with enterprise name. It is least expected by clients to maintain a formal e-mail ID for professional usage.

The internet service providers always concentrate on the form bracket as the filter process keeps a check on the reputation of the e-mail being used and in case the IP address is hopped frequently, it might be blacklisted due to suspicion of something fishy.

  • E-mail service should be credible

Every E-mail service provider’s credibility depends on the reputation of its client. If the client sends important and genuine information on the network, then the ESP receives an excellent rating, and its credibility is valued. Similarly, malicious and low rating ESPs must be avoided as Google blocks such sites and filters them out.

  • Try for secondary accreditation

In case one is trying hard, but its majority e-mails are landing in spam folder then a secondary accreditation is just the thing that might be needed as it guarantees the Internet service providers that it’s a genuine e-mail and carries a certificate.

“There are no free lunches in this world!” hence it does carry a price tag, but a certificate vouching for maximum outreach of e-mails without any hassle won’t seem expensive in the long run for the company benefit.

  • Verify yourself if blacklisted

It might be possible that even after various measures taken, the results are not in your favour. In that case, you might be blacklisted already. It can be due to a suspicious IP address due to which all emails are landing straight in the spam folder.

If your IP address has a bad reputation in the virtual world, your targeted emails are more likely to land in the spam folder. The reputation of your IP address affects your email deliverability rates directly.

  • Update yourself with upcoming regulations

It is never fun to learn those laws and sections of the constitution but for the benefit of a company you might, and you must. It is a tedious work to stay updated with the upcoming laws and the amendments that could be made to them but trust me; you won’t like to take your steps back only for the sake of outdated anti-spam laws. This will eventually help in expanding the e-mail marketing campaign.

  • Request subscribers to add the e-mail address

If the subscribers add the e-mail ID to their contact list, then it clearly shows the recipient is interested in receiving emails and updates from the address, and it’s not suspicious thereby swiftly bypassing the spam filter.

  • Customers should be allowed to opt-out.

According to the law, the customer must be provided with an option to unsubscribe from the service as and when required. Due to this we often receive e-mails with an unsubscribe link attached at the end.

If somebody wants to opt-out, he should be respected, and further emails shouldn’t be disposed of. In case one does the opposite of the above stated, it might be reported as spam and degrade the ID reputation.

  • Abstain from the use of exclamation marks

Creativity is the key to gain attention, and it’s not harmful to develop eye-catching content to garner more views. A short, and concise e-mail might do wonders instead. If the end-note is a question, chances are there it will be opened and replied, but to create a hype, numerous exclamation marks and special character usage might term the mail as spam.

With these easy to follow tips, you can save your business emails to prospective clients from ending in the spam box and create more leads effectively.

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Affiliate Marketing

Want to Make Money with Affiliate marketing ?

It becomes very difficult to use performance marketing no matter how good a seller you are. But there are some sites that have successfully used affiliate marketing and earned a lot of money. In India, affiliate marketing is one of the best online sources of income.

Affiliate marketing in India

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing in which a review of a product is written online by affiliates, and if anyone buys the product on this recommendation, the affiliate gets a commission. Various banner ads are also used for marketing. Google AdSense also provides a platform for the bloggers to advertise the content on their site through various interactive media. Adsense for search is also helpful for publishers to earn 51% of revenue from these ads.

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There are a large number of affiliate marketing sites around the world. ClickBank, Commission Junction and Impact Radius are some of the top performance marketing agencies across the globe. But the examples get a little different in India. So for Indian consumers, it’s better to use Indian networks as they provide with better shipment options and more Indian centered products and services. The various other options provided include cost per acquisition, CPA, CPC etc.

Top Affiliate marketing sites in India

Many websites in India are growing through affiliate marketing and making money. Some of the best websites using affiliate marketing to make money in India are:

1.Amazon: Amazon is an international company and was launched in India in 2013. It provides consumers with millions of products and thus becomes one of the best affiliate websites in India. It is easy to join as an affiliate also as you just need to log in through Amazon account. After the signing up process, the affiliate can use tools to develop links to any page on Amazon. One of the best features of working with Amazon is that the affiliate gets commission even when the user ends up buying other products using their link. The commission rates range from 0.3% to 12 % depending on the product.

The highest payout earned in men’s apparel is 9.39%, and in books, it is 7.43%. The various tools offered by Amazon include:

  • SiteStripe toolbar
  • Product links
  • Banners
  • Product advertising API

The best part is the joining is free of cost. A cost per install campaign is also launched by Amazon India in which if the Amazon app is installed by a consumer by clicking on a publisher’s link, a commission is offered to the publisher.

2. Flipkart Affiliate: Flipkart is one of the earliest websites in India to adopt affiliate marketing. Up to 15 % commission is offered by Flipkart to publishers just by driving traffic from their site or blogs to their website. The main feature of Flipkart affiliate is the product category is vast. Also, the website offers with accurate tracking and on time payment features making it even best to choose it. The various tools offered here include:

  • Product links and banners
  • Promotional banners and widgets
  • Search bar/search widgets
  • Affiliate Bookmarklet widget
  • API

Like Amazon, the signing up option on Flipkart is also free, and it also      offers cost per install option.

3. eBay: eBay provides with quick and easy commissions to affiliates on every sale. The commission rate is up to 12%, and even though it provides with low payouts, the website is providing quick services. A wide range of products including clothes, health care products, electronics, etc. can be listed and bought. The main reasons why eBay is considered top websites even with low commission rates is the long term presence of the website in the market. The various tools offered are:

  • APIs
  • Pixels
  • Ad groups

    Like other above-mentioned websites, it offers free signing up option.

4. Nearbuy Affiliate: Nearbuy is a local platform in India helping a large number of affiliates in earning a commission. The commission is given on every sale through affiliate’s link, and it has good CPS options. It offers various types of content options including beauty, travel, personal care, food etc. The vast range of products and services offered results in affiliates earning no matter what their site is about. The signing up here is also free.

5. vCommission: It is one of the oldest CPA networks having more than 17500 affiliates signed up. It also offers CPS, CPI and CPC. The commission can be based on both sales and app installs. They also offer on-time payment and verified lead generation.

6. BigRock: The big range of products offered at BigRock is the biggest advantage of this affiliate program. It is one of the top hosting sellers in India and is best suited for designers and bloggers. The affiliate gets a unique URL to which he can send traffic and earn a commission. The signing up process is free, and there is no limit of earning commission at BigRock.

The various other websites using affiliate marketing in India are Optimise, DGM India, Komli, MakeMyTrip Affiliate, GoDaddy, Admitad, HostGator, TripAdvisor etc. C

Affiliate marketing has gained a lot of popularity in recent years with easy money making in the comfort of your home. The various websites using affiliate marketing in India earn a lot of money by providing just a platform to sign up. However, for Indian affiliates, it is important to make sure the website is Indian as it eases the various shipment and other formalities. Even these affiliate platforms serve on time payment with lots of options of types of products and services to sell from. The using of these websites becomes easier with a variety of tools provided such as Product links and banners, promotional banners and widgets, search bar/search widgets, affiliate Bookmarklet widget, API, pixels, ad groups, SiteStripe toolbar, product links etc. Some of the best affiliate programs are given in this article. But while choosing for an affiliate program, the website of these platforms should be visited and checked for various tools, terms and conditions. Affiliate marketing can be easily chosen for making money.

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Best Native Ad Networks to be used in 2019

When it comes to advertising native is the latest online marketing trend. They make every possible effort in removing the gap between advertisers and publishers. Each ad campaign is managed and optimized by advertisers themselves. From leads to actual sales, the process of promoting products gets easy. It also monetizes sales website, and the best thing is sale can be made without actually owning the product. The research also shows that have 53% more viewership than traditional banner ads. Let’s first know what the role of native advertising in performance marketing is.

Role of native advertising in performance marketing

Native advertising means ads that appear on a web page that are similar to the content of the page. The usage of the native ad in affiliate marketing is making normal style ads that appear to be a part of the site itself. The native ads used by various affiliates use various strategies which attract the viewers to click on them.

Top Native ad networks to be used in 2019

Native ads are featured on top and famous sites, so native advertisements too need to be engaging for viewers. Here are some of the best native ad networks you should use in 2019 based on various factors including payment methods, cost per click, cost per acquisition, CPA, CPC etc.

1.MGID : MGID was launched in 2008 and has successfully promoted millions of websites. It offers campaign start at just $100 and is very beneficial for performance marketing agencies.

To target the right kind of viewers, the main options include

  • Browser
  • Language
  • Device

Thousands of websites are tied to the audience through MGID. Low entry fee and good functionality are the perfect reasons to choose MGID for affiliates to start advertising.

2. Revcontent: It seeks high requirements from publishers and is one of the best native ad networks. The disapproval rate of Revcontent is 98% as they seek quality of the site. Their minimum payout is $50. Despite of such self-limiting strategies they continue to be as the “top growing native advertising network”.

There are two types of bidding models offered here namely:

  • CPC
  • vCPM which depends on viewable impressions

  You can also optimize clicks and ROI.

Other options are common including:

  • Geo-targeting
  • Device and OS targeting
  • No Wi-Fi/Carrier targeting
  • Language

The best option offered here is Exclude Low Volume Widgets which is helpful in the filtering of websites which in turn improves the traffic you’re buying. The other options include push notification traffic, retargeting, brand targeting, topic targeting etc. Apart from the problems faced while getting approval, Revcontent is a great native ad network.

3. AdNow: It is a high scale platform with more than 150000 webmasters. It has a high ad quality and impressive clients. It has very few requirements, so all publishers with average or low traffic are welcomed to this ad community. It also has a low minimum payout of just $20.

4. Outbrain: It was founded in 2006 and serves with a simple motto of quality. A website requires 1,000,000 US visitors per month to access Outbrain’s network. The result makes it appear on CNN, Fox News, Mashable, Daily Telegraph etc. The traffic source is also dominated by tier 1 countries. But the strict policies become a headache for affiliates. They can easily get rejected without any reason. The minimum payout is $20 but even in low competition top tier GEOs, the CPC runs on $1 per click.

Some of its common features include:

  • Sophisticated audience
  • High quality traffic
  • Low daily budgets
  • High CPC
  • Strict approval terms

It is not entirely out of reach for affiliates, but they just need to prove that they are included in the top bunch.

5. Taboola: It has been around since 2007, a little after Outbrain and is more conventional ad space. The real authority carriers like AOL, NBC, Business Insider, MSN etc. display your content if you do get engaged with Taboola. The tier 1 countries serve at least 50 % of the traffic on their network. The entry barrier here is also quite tough. They need websites with at least 500,000 monthly traffic and offer pretty strict content policies. Negative keywords are also allowed to restrict ads/contents of certain headings from ever appearing on the publisher’s website. There is also an option to hide ads not liked by viewers. The campaign targeting options here include:

  • Location
  • Device
  • Publisher blocking
  • Operating system
  • Audience

The audience option is a complicated one and basically allows retarget audience and target a specific audience. The most helpful setting here is the CPC setting which allows various options including CPC bid, CPA goal and accelerated/even spending. The campaign can also be edited at any time in the data gathering mode.

To sum up the various features, Taboola has:

  • High quality traffic
  • Top tier GEOs
  • Low approval rates
  • High CPC
  • High budget

The various other native ad networks that can be used in 2019 include PayClick, Earnify, Spoutable, RonSearch, AmanteMedia, Yahoo Gemini, Native Ads, and gravity. Also, the banner ads are different from Native Ads. Google AdSense also provides a platform for publishers to advertise their content sites through various interactive media. Adsense for search is also helpful for publishers to earn 51% of revenue from these ads.

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The native ads are very useful for affiliate marketing sites as they provide a separate platform for advertising a product. The feature of native ads through which the ad seems just like any other site content provide with great viewership. Although the various restrictions and high CPC rates result in the rejection of various affiliates, the native ad networks still continue to grow with the increasing market. Also, the various other features like language, publisher blocking, audience, operating system, device, location, push notification traffic, retargeting, brand targeting, topic targeting add even more benefits for affiliates to use these native ad networks.

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Affiliate Marketing

Top 10 Ways to Boost Affiliate Marketing


In today’s new-gen marketing techniques, it gets easy for companies to advertise their product. Internet itself has made marketing so much easier. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn some side income especially for those who like to talk about products they purchase and use. Let’s say someone is passionate about beauty products and is very fond of using them and can provide reviews about various brands. They can become an affiliate with these brands and can write about the features and reviews of the product. Each sale made according to the affiliate’s recommendation, there is a fixed amount of commission provided for same. The approach of payment is generally pay-per-sale. About 80 percent of the payment method used is pay-per-sale. The cost per acquisition which affiliate gets varies according to different agencies. It is estimated that the affiliated marketing industry grows at the rate of 16.6% per annum. Let’s know about some of the tips to improve affiliate marketing.

Tips for using performance or affiliate marketing

The affiliate marketing mostly depends on the buyers and reaching out to them as effectively as one can. One of the facts about affiliate marketing is that those affiliates who did not get the correct training failed in reaching their full potential. So it is important to keep in mind various tips to ensure that better performance marketing strategy is used.

  1. Knowing buyers: The most effective way of selling a product or a brand is to know what the needs and demands are of the audience. It is advisable to know about the problems of the buyers first and then choose a product or brand according to their needs.
  2. Believing in what you sell: The affiliate should gain the trust of the audience by selling what they truly believe in. Also the promotion of low value products and services to just gain profit might result in losing trust of the followers.
  3. Learn SEO: To be in the top race, affiliate needs to outrank their competition and for this SEO is the best way to gain popularity for your site. Banner ads can also be used as a common method in increasing followers and promoting a product.
  4. Provide helpful services: Various successful affiliate marketing sites not only promote a list of products but provide a detailed review which are more helpful for the audience to make their decision. The affiliate can also provide with a case study or own personnel experience regarding the product.
  5. Selecting carefully: The products affiliate adds to their sales should be researched carefully first. Also, the banner ads provided should be changed from time to time with different graphics and texts to attract more buyers. Google AdSense also provides a platform for the publishers to advertise their content sites through various interactive media. Adsense for search is also helpful for publishers to earn 51% of revenue from these ads. Read More : Upcoming Changes In Google Ads in 2019.
  6. Being transparent: The performance marketing depends primarily on the honesty which is an important part in building loyal audience. There should also be plus points like bonus of some kind if they use your link.
  7. Patience: There are different types of revenue systems used in affiliate marketing including pay-per-scale, cost per action (CPA) and cost per click (CPC). This revenue grows with time. As the affiliate adds more traffic to the website or more content, the marketing side continues to grow and thus the revenue keeps on increasing.
  8. Usage of low-cost tools: The performance marketing agency should also use some free or low-cost marketing tools for building email lists. Some social media monitoring tools can also be used to track reviews of the customers.
  9. Relevant and timeless content: For long term opportunities, the content provided should be timeless. The audience might leave right away if they come across dated content. The older articles can also be updated to improve SEO. An outdated trend for example on clothing or food should be removed right away from the site.
  10. Avoiding common mistakes: The affiliate marketing might fail if the customers are forced with some product or the promotion is done in an irrelevant manner. Also the mistakes might include not spending enough time on research, emailing and messaging to promote more than required or not paying much attention to the social presence.

The affiliates should also make sure to try different programs, writing content, staying away from bad links, regularly checking for 404 errors and rewarding customers who refer to friends.

Benefits for companies

The various benefits of affiliate marketing are:

  • Performance based: Affiliate marketing is completely performance based so unless the desired sale is being done, the company doesn’t have to pay.
  • Broad marketing: The affiliates a company associates with already have established visitors. This helps in promoting products to those who otherwise can’t be reached and creates a stronger online presence for the company.
  • Cost effective: More customers can be acquired by using this marketing technique at low cost.
  • Validation: While researching for a particular brand the consumers usually trust 3rd party’s validation. So, through websites and bloggers, a company can gain more reputation.

Future predictions for performance marketing

The affiliate marketing is expected to grow at a rate of 27 percent globally. Performance marketing agencies in India are at the top in terms of affiliates because of the increase in mobile users at such fast pace. Some trends to increase in coming years are:

  • More usage of mobile affiliated market.
  • Usage of IPL and AI tools for the market. AI is still new territory and is yet to progress in coming years.
  • Growth in voice search.
  • High demand of e-commerce ads.

The affiliate marketing sure is a very effective technique for both affiliates and companies. The affiliates can take advantage by speaking their interests and earning side money by staying at the comforts of their home. The companies can earn more audience and consumers for their products and that too at low costs and performance-based commissions. All in all, affiliate marketing provides a new age platform for strengthening business and earning income.

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