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Social Media Marketing

The growing phenomenon of dark social: how it’s affecting your brand

Dark Social is a term commonly referred to describe website referrals which are however untraceable by web analytics. When a person gets directed to a page through a link shared on various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, the web analytics tools could tell where that referral came from. However, when people share the same via messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, email or a simple text it sends a lot of traffic to publishers but such links lack referral tags. It will show your visit as direct traffic but it’s not. So the problem here is how can an analytical platform tell what kind of traffic gets directed to the websites. Dark social is hence, that traffic which gets recognized by the web analytics as direct traffic but actually comes from intractable referrals. 

It’s a phenomenon that is a part of any business involving content creation. As a brand, it’s important to understand the impact of dark social on your business as you might think that many views on your website are coming from direct sources but rather these are a more likely result of the links shared via dark social. Here’s how it could affect your brand:

  1. Difficulty in tracking direct traffic

When audiences share the posts from a website through dark social media like sharing it via messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram, it becomes difficult for the web analytics to track it further as these sources are untrackable. It may seem like direct traffic but you can’t find the difference. Hence, tracking the right kind of traffic is one of the difficulties faced by brands 

  1. Unable to understand customer’s expectations

Sharing content through dark sharing becomes more like an “invisible sharing” as you want to get an idea of your traffic type. However, when the same links for the content are shared on trackable social media platforms it’s trackable and you are able to understand better about your audience’s reading habits and what type of content they read more. Therefore, Dark social acts like a hindrance in understanding customer’s needs and expectations. 

Tips to turn dark social into your advantage:

  1. Adding a sharing option to the post

Add an option for share at the bottom of your post. This will make sure that your readers are sharing it and you could easily track the number of shares. Simply adding a share option will lower the chances of the readers sharing links of your post via various messaging apps. 

  1. Short sharing links for social media posts

When someone copies the link from the search bar, the share becomes intractable. So, provide shorter UTM links that form a unique URL for your post as these are easy to track. In this way, the chances for dark social sharing will cut. 

  1. Using tracking Tools

 Use tracking apps to get hold of your audience’s sharing habits. This will allow the brand owners to know how their posts are shared with the audiences and also understand what kind of content is most preferred by your readers.

The simple technique is using dark social to your advantage by tracking it using various tracking tools like getting social, Dark Social Calculator and google analytics. Though it makes tracking difficult using these tracking apps makes dark social not scary as it might sound. Using and monitoring it properly will allow various brands to understand how their content is shared with the viewers and in a long course might help you in directing more traffic to your website. 


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Don’t Ignore Important KPI’s of Social Media

Each business has to make its space on social media. This helps in building a brand that the audience can trust and helps in spreading the word out. The power of social media is undeterred and it can positively affect your business if used smartly. Brands are making conscious investments in social media advertising to reach out to their target audience.

However, it is necessary that you focus on the right priorities if you wish to achieve success with social media marketing. To do that, it is important to keep track of the right social media KPIs or “key performance indicators”.

The following indicators must be checked and monitored on a regular basis to measure the success of the marketing campaign. The relevant indicators are as follows:

  1.   Number of Followers or Fans

It is important to determine the reach and how far your message is traveling. This can be calculated on the basis of the number of followers who have shown explicit interest in receiving content from your brand. The numbers of people who view your content, comment on it, and share it with others in their social circle can be easily calculated. The numbers can signify the reach.

  1.   Number of Impressions

It is said that a higher number of impressions means that you’re connected to greater numbers of people, which is a great thing! Getting higher impressions means that a huge number of people are viewing what you’re posting.

  1.   Number of Social Media Influencers

The latest trend is getting your brand endorsed by some social media influencer. These people are in the position to spread awareness about a particular topic, service, or product through the network they have built on different social media platforms. You could either ask an influencer with a high number of followers or someone with less yet close-knit followers. But for this, choose such influencers who are more connected and reliable to your brand.

  1.     Your Voice

Social media can be used as a brilliant tool to help you generate a buzz around your product or service. Create brand awareness and make sure more and more relevant people recognize it. This will give you a clear idea of where your brand stands in terms of having people talk about your product or service.

  1.   Number of Clicks

Engagement metrics are based on how your audience is interacting with your content and that is mainly based on clicks. Higher the number of clicks, the higher is the chance of a conversion. However, focus on the number of likes and shares your content is receiving as that is essential too.

  1.   Number of Likes

A post with a high number of likes gains higher credibility in the eyes of the people who come across it. It simply means that they “like” or relate to it. Also, the number of likes signifies that it is worthy and authoritative in nature.

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  1.   Number of Shares and comments

The next step after calculating the number of likes is its comparison to the number of shares and comments. Having a huge number of likes indicates the content is good enough but a large number share and comments imply that your engagement is going to the next level. People not just like the product or service in the post, but also want others to know about it as well. They wish to share their experience with others by interacting with the brand or other individuals. Handling negative and derogatory comments properly is another way to create goodwill of the brand in the eyes of social media users.

  1.   Social Media Mentions

While measuring social media KPIs, it is important to keep a track of mentions. It helps in maintaining your online reputation and provides the customers with the answer that they have been looking for. Consequently, knowing your “mentions” helps you stay on your toes and ultimately gives you an edge over the competition.

  1.   Number of Leads

It is of paramount importance to know those conversions that have not resulted in a sale. The number of social media followers converting into some kind of lead or subscriber matters a lot. Also, it gives you a fair idea where a marketer must focus your attention 

Creating a social media presence isn’t as simple as creating a profile. Social media marketing is a lot more than just that. It is a great medium to connect to your target audience and deliver them the value they are looking for. By tracking social media KPIs, a marketer can know the efficiency of their social media marketing campaigns and how effectively the word is spreading out for them while trying to create more meaningful relationships with your target audience.

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Types Of Images That Can Boost Your Marketing On Instagram

Types Of Images That Can Boost Your Marketing On Instagram

Instagram has gained momentum and turned out to be one of the major players in social media marketing rapidly. Almost, all the businesses and brands have made their presence on Instagram. They put multiple types of posts to improve their marketing strategies. However, each post has a different response, so after detailed research, it was concluded that some posts generate more traffic than others.

Certain types of posts can help an advertiser in improving marketing strategies by increasing engagement and the number of followers. They are:

  1.   UGC Images

User-Generated Content (UGC) images are customer-oriented posts that do surprisingly well on Instagram. It is so because such posts are authentic, connect well with the users, brag genuine reviews about the products/services.  It gets a lot of attention and engagement on Instagram. These images help in building brand equity. However, getting such images can be difficult initially, as these are created by someone else.

  1.   Behind-the-scenes Images

People engage in business with people, not brands. Therefore, it is very essential to create a human connection with your clients via social media platforms. Glimpses of staff members, clients, in-the-process stories and the things that go on behind-the-scenes are really effective ways of doing so. It is like an insight into the brand’s personality and it actively contributes to the brand story.

  1.   DIY Images

These posts are gaining popularity every day wherein the viewers get to see actionable mini-clips. It could be a new feature on the software, or a small video telling some tips or tricks, some hacks. These clips leave a stronger impact on the mind of the viewers and it retains for long, thus increasing engagement.

  1.   Influencer Images

Those Instagram posts that feature industry-relevant social media influencers can bring in a lot of traffic. Using big names in association with advertisements helps in promoting brand name. And if the influencer shares the post, then it can add to the user interest immensely thereby, promoting higher engagement.

  1.   Motivational Posts

An uplifting and motivating post can easily get attention if it is highly relatable. That is why most of the high rated brands post motivational images on Instagram on a regular basis. They can be quirky, sharing some quote or giving a life lesson. In fact, there could be some text overlaying on a picture that has something to do with the advertiser’s product or brand.

  1.   Contests and Giveaways

Such posts are the easiest way to grab attention. They help in increasing the number of followers and to create leads.  Holding contests, asking questions, opening live sessions are other such marketing strategies to improve customer engagement with the brand.

  1.   Community Oriented Images

Another type of Instagram post which shows the role of business in society. People love to see businesses giving back. And this is the best way to show good deeds. These have a big impact on brand equity.

Instagram is a crucial platform for the creation and promotion of brand-equity. It is very important for creating a human connection and to resonate well. These types of images and posts attract attention to the brand.

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Event Attendance Your Social Media Marketing

Everything You Need To Know How To Boost Up Event Attendance Your Social Media Marketing

In order to maximize your social media marketing of the upcoming event in your company, all you need is to put all of your efforts on the posts. Bring up a strategy that is not only able to engage customers but also converts them. Here are the essential steps to promote the event and drive in the sales.

Find Out More about Social media most popular sites

    • Depending upon the brand and target audience, some of the social platforms will be more effective than another one. If you are choosing Facebook, try messaging to specific groups using the option of paid promotions. Linkedin can be a great platform for B2B and industry network, as it’s a good choice for company news and event announcements. Twitter can be used for use in the event hashtags to build on the excitement during the event.
    • Come up with a quirky, short, easy-to-understand and unique hashtag and stick to it. If you are posting anything related to your event, don’t forget to use your hashtag. Remember to add it to all of your bios as well as promote it on all the communication channels like emails, print material, etc. During the event make your hashtag visible in bold letters that can easily catch the eyes of the audiences. 
    • Create sleek headers and thorough descriptions, also update the pages to include the upcoming events. Add the hashtag to the header, be consistent and be sure in following the size requirement for each network. Don’t forget to interlink your social media pages like facebook, twitter, etc.
    • Maximize your promotion by adding images and space out discounts on the tickets. Make your content fun and engaging. Video and images engage more than plain copies. Always remember to include photos of happy attendees from past events. Also, you can create animated gifs or memes for the audience. 
    • Using social media tools, it’s very hard to choose from so many of them. Schedule more effectively, as you can’t be online for 24 hours a day, so using the tools can help you in planning, scheduling and organizing your posts. Also, curate and create different or diverse content. 
    • Promotion on social media is very important, therefore by just relying on an account’s spread won’t help, you will have to do something extra for sure. Organizing contests are a perfect way to motivate the audience without a huge investment. But here you’re gonna need a strategy to yield the most engagement without risking your event’s brand in the process.
    • Around 86% of the marketers plan to use the influencers. Building relationships with the known people in the industry who can talk on your event can help influence a lot of people to register. This can be a lot intimidating, hence it is a bit challenging to develop a strategy for that.
    • The easiest way to get in contact with the young generation is by using Snapchat. Being quite affordable for the advertiser, it has evolved drastically in the last few years. The advertiser can use the Geofilter by investing only one hour in making it and with less than $100 amount investment. Snapchat filter helps to engage a lot of attendees and spread word among the people very quickly.
    • Use short videos and live clips from the event like the sneak peeks to engage the viewers. Live videos can be extremely engaging, on Facebook, users spend around 3 times their time and comment more than 10 times when the video is live. Around 32% of people who watch the live video, they are expected to attend the same event in the upcoming time. These videos are very much cost-effective.
    • As you get a better response on social media, you need to resonate with your followers. Look out for more trends and repost your content to improve engagement rates. Refer to tools that can let you know how many sales are driven out on a specific post. Be sure to measure your Return of Investments to make sure that your spend is being paid off.

After using these tips, the advertiser plus the brand can see drastic changes in their events and the audience responses on their social media account.

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5 Most Popular Social Media Sites

5 Most Popular Social Media Sites

The most popular form of marketing is social media marketing and no market can question this. However, it can be done with a different purpose. It could be because a marketer is looking to venture into social media marketing or when a business owner is looking to leverage on social media. In all these situations, it’s very important to know the most popular social media sites around. Indeed, this will not only allow you to maximize the reach of your brand on social media platforms but also in engaging with the right and in achieving your social media goals.

In order to understand which social media site would be most appropriate, it is important to do enough research. The topics of concern should be the size of the social media sites and whether the selected social media site(s) is the right fit for your business and its image. The company should be clear about its brand image, target audience and most importantly, its budget.

 It isn’t necessary to be on each of these social media sites. Making an impact is what matters the most. So, the list of the most popular social media sites are as follows:

  1. Facebook

Monthly Active Users- 2.4 Billion

The reason why Facebook is the biggest social media site around is that it has more than two billion people using it every month. All the numbers related to this social media site are huge. More than 65 million businesses are using Facebook Pages and more than 6 million advertisers actively promoting their business on Facebook are few statistics. It is very easy to promote on Facebook as you can use any content formats.  Be it textual, images, videos, going life or putting 24-hr stories. It is important to know that the Facebook algorithm prioritizes content that sparks conversations and meaningful interactions between people, especially those from family and friends. This can be put to good use! (Talk about Facebook ads)

  1. YouTube

Monthly Active Users- 1.9 Billion

YouTube is a video-sharing platform wherein users watch billions of videos on an everyday basis. It is as simple as creating a YouTube channel and then uploading videos for your subscribers to view, like, comment, and share. YouTube is another subsidiary of Google and is known as the second largest search engine after Google. You could upload videos or use YouTube ads for promotion. This is the second-best way to increase your reach to a wider audience using this platform.

  1. WhatsApp

Monthly Active Users- 1.5 Billion

WhatsApp is a messaging app which is being used by people in over 180 countries. It was started with the purpose that people could communicate with their family and friends. Eventually, people started communicating with businesses via WhatsApp. Now, it has been building out its business platform to allow businesses to have a proper business profile. It could either be to provide customer support and/or to share updates with customers about their purchases. Some new versions of this app are also in process with a business point of view.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Monthly Active Users- 1.3 Billion

Facebook separated its messaging feature by launching a standalone app, Messenger in 2011.  It is a messaging app and marketing platform. Businesses can now advertise, create chatbots, send newsletters and do so more. These features have given businesses a myriad of new ways to engage and connect with their customers at the ease of a few clicks.

  1. Instagram

Monthly Active Users- 1.3 Billion

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media app. This one also allows you to share a wide range of content such as photos, videos, stories, and live videos. Recently, it has also launched IGTV for longer-form videos. It is easy to create a separate business profile on Instagram which will provide you with rich analytics of your profile and posts. It also gives an option to schedule Instagram posts. This is a platform which is gaining popularity on an everyday basis.

These five are the most popular and widely used social media platforms for advertisements and promotion. The cost of promotion is much lesser and far more effective than any other mode of advertisement. 

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