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Social Media Marketing

Event Attendance Your Social Media Marketing

Everything You Need To Know How To Boost Up Event Attendance Your Social Media Marketing

In order to maximize your social media marketing of the upcoming event in your company, all you need is to put all of your efforts on the posts. Bring up a strategy that is not only able to engage customers but also converts them. Here are the essential steps to promote the event and drive in the sales.

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    • Depending upon the brand and target audience, some of the social platforms will be more effective than another one. If you are choosing Facebook, try messaging to specific groups using the option of paid promotions. Linkedin can be a great platform for B2B and industry network, as it’s a good choice for company news and event announcements. Twitter can be used for use in the event hashtags to build on the excitement during the event.
    • Come up with a quirky, short, easy-to-understand and unique hashtag and stick to it. If you are posting anything related to your event, don’t forget to use your hashtag. Remember to add it to all of your bios as well as promote it on all the communication channels like emails, print material, etc. During the event make your hashtag visible in bold letters that can easily catch the eyes of the audiences. 
    • Create sleek headers and thorough descriptions, also update the pages to include the upcoming events. Add the hashtag to the header, be consistent and be sure in following the size requirement for each network. Don’t forget to interlink your social media pages like facebook, twitter, etc.
    • Maximize your promotion by adding images and space out discounts on the tickets. Make your content fun and engaging. Video and images engage more than plain copies. Always remember to include photos of happy attendees from past events. Also, you can create animated gifs or memes for the audience. 
    • Using social media tools, it’s very hard to choose from so many of them. Schedule more effectively, as you can’t be online for 24 hours a day, so using the tools can help you in planning, scheduling and organizing your posts. Also, curate and create different or diverse content. 
    • Promotion on social media is very important, therefore by just relying on an account’s spread won’t help, you will have to do something extra for sure. Organizing contests are a perfect way to motivate the audience without a huge investment. But here you’re gonna need a strategy to yield the most engagement without risking your event’s brand in the process.
    • Around 86% of the marketers plan to use the influencers. Building relationships with the known people in the industry who can talk on your event can help influence a lot of people to register. This can be a lot intimidating, hence it is a bit challenging to develop a strategy for that.
    • The easiest way to get in contact with the young generation is by using Snapchat. Being quite affordable for the advertiser, it has evolved drastically in the last few years. The advertiser can use the Geofilter by investing only one hour in making it and with less than $100 amount investment. Snapchat filter helps to engage a lot of attendees and spread word among the people very quickly.
    • Use short videos and live clips from the event like the sneak peeks to engage the viewers. Live videos can be extremely engaging, on Facebook, users spend around 3 times their time and comment more than 10 times when the video is live. Around 32% of people who watch the live video, they are expected to attend the same event in the upcoming time. These videos are very much cost-effective.
    • As you get a better response on social media, you need to resonate with your followers. Look out for more trends and repost your content to improve engagement rates. Refer to tools that can let you know how many sales are driven out on a specific post. Be sure to measure your Return of Investments to make sure that your spend is being paid off.

After using these tips, the advertiser plus the brand can see drastic changes in their events and the audience responses on their social media account.

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5 Most Popular Social Media Sites

5 Most Popular Social Media Sites

The most popular form of marketing is social media marketing and no market can question this. However, it can be done with a different purpose. It could be because a marketer is looking to venture into social media marketing or when a business owner is looking to leverage on social media. In all these situations, it’s very important to know the most popular social media sites around. Indeed, this will not only allow you to maximize the reach of your brand on social media platforms but also in engaging with the right and in achieving your social media goals.

In order to understand which social media site would be most appropriate, it is important to do enough research. The topics of concern should be the size of the social media sites and whether the selected social media site(s) is the right fit for your business and its image. The company should be clear about its brand image, target audience and most importantly, its budget.

 It isn’t necessary to be on each of these social media sites. Making an impact is what matters the most. So, the list of the most popular social media sites are as follows:

  1. Facebook

Monthly Active Users- 2.4 Billion

The reason why Facebook is the biggest social media site around is that it has more than two billion people using it every month. All the numbers related to this social media site are huge. More than 65 million businesses are using Facebook Pages and more than 6 million advertisers actively promoting their business on Facebook are few statistics. It is very easy to promote on Facebook as you can use any content formats.  Be it textual, images, videos, going life or putting 24-hr stories. It is important to know that the Facebook algorithm prioritizes content that sparks conversations and meaningful interactions between people, especially those from family and friends. This can be put to good use! (Talk about Facebook ads)

  1. YouTube

Monthly Active Users- 1.9 Billion

YouTube is a video-sharing platform wherein users watch billions of videos on an everyday basis. It is as simple as creating a YouTube channel and then uploading videos for your subscribers to view, like, comment, and share. YouTube is another subsidiary of Google and is known as the second largest search engine after Google. You could upload videos or use YouTube ads for promotion. This is the second-best way to increase your reach to a wider audience using this platform.

  1. WhatsApp

Monthly Active Users- 1.5 Billion

WhatsApp is a messaging app which is being used by people in over 180 countries. It was started with the purpose that people could communicate with their family and friends. Eventually, people started communicating with businesses via WhatsApp. Now, it has been building out its business platform to allow businesses to have a proper business profile. It could either be to provide customer support and/or to share updates with customers about their purchases. Some new versions of this app are also in process with a business point of view.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Monthly Active Users- 1.3 Billion

Facebook separated its messaging feature by launching a standalone app, Messenger in 2011.  It is a messaging app and marketing platform. Businesses can now advertise, create chatbots, send newsletters and do so more. These features have given businesses a myriad of new ways to engage and connect with their customers at the ease of a few clicks.

  1. Instagram

Monthly Active Users- 1.3 Billion

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media app. This one also allows you to share a wide range of content such as photos, videos, stories, and live videos. Recently, it has also launched IGTV for longer-form videos. It is easy to create a separate business profile on Instagram which will provide you with rich analytics of your profile and posts. It also gives an option to schedule Instagram posts. This is a platform which is gaining popularity on an everyday basis.

These five are the most popular and widely used social media platforms for advertisements and promotion. The cost of promotion is much lesser and far more effective than any other mode of advertisement. 

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Make Your Instagram eCommerce Sales Rocket Up

Make Your Instagram eCommerce Sales Rocket Up

According to a recent report Instagram has announced that they have 500 million active users. Out of which around 350 million logs into the platform every day and are active followers. This factor puts social media marketing upfront. Around 97% of Instagram users engage regularly with different brands around the world. It has a good ROI, And ROI is something your business requires the users are in a mood to buy. Also if you are an influencer, you can earn around $4,200 per year by just promoting other brands. If you are looking forward to getting eCommerce sales from social media like Instagram, then there are a few tips below to help you with it.

      • Social media helps to crave out authenticity and the brands want to be a part of it. If you are able to create content from the root, and it’s a bit boring then it will definitely not work in here.
      • Try to get more and more comments on your Instagram profile. Also, on the other hand, comments help you build an important relationship between the brand and the user.
      • Ensure that the quality of the content is of high quality as it can act as a currency to get engagements with the targeted audience. 
      • Make use of the Hashtags, which are relevant to your product.
      • Pre-load your content in advance dates by using various marketing tools. This will help ensure that you keep your Instagram profile filled up with relevant and good updates under regular intervals.
      • Responding to your comments is as necessary as having good content. This could bring up a huge effect on your business in a good sense. Try to assign this work to some dedicated member of the team to handle the support requests on all of your social channels.
      • Better brand visibility means higher is engagement. Make sure that there isn’t any way left from your side to reduce the number of steps before the actual conversion. 
      • Create a customized landing page with your profile’s link.
      • By just having a look at your competitor’s profile page, you will be able to figure out that their somewhat main reason to get successful is by sharing personal and private photos on the page. This is done by them to emotionally make a connection with the users.
      • If you want to sell your eCommerce sales on Instagram, it might work. Make a rule to make your customers feel valued and focus on to engage the community with plenty of content generated by users. 
      • Share behind the scenes photographs on your feed. This would help you to emotionally connect with the audience by giving them a peek of the backstage. Try to share as many photos and do not forget to add a geotag on them. Remember that posts that have a geotag, one gets a 79% increase in the engagement.
      • 40% of the Instagrammers follow a rule of giveaways and perks. Try and announce discounts with much more appealing texts and graphics.

Instagram usually does not requires one to have a budget focused on generating sales. For the audience, it is like a shopping mall. Therefore, if you are an eCommerce website, you should implement these tactics as soon as possible.

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None of the advertisers could deny the importance of social media as it is a great way to boost conversions and increase engagement in consumers. With the passage of time, social media has evolved into the go-to solution for helping users.  It not only locates niche products that the user desire but also takes the plunge to convert it into a sale. The most commonly used social media platforms are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

However, it is not easy to convert each like into a sale. These digital platforms take time in building a relationship based on trust with customers. The following tricks can help you boost your website conversion by social media marketing: 

  • Create different content for different platforms based on your target.

This is a very basic trick but ignored most of the time. Most of the advertisers don’t realize the importance of relevance of content to specific audience expectations of the media platform you’re targeting. The target audience should be able to relate, only then you can catch hold of their attention. This greatly increases the chances that the audience will make purchases. However, uniqueness must be maintained on each platform.

  • Don’t throw links directly.  

 Advertisers shouldn’t rely just on a stream of links to boost their conversion rates. Direct supply links or just giving links can be very greedy. It can ruin impressions and the hard-selling customers quickly turn them off to a business. Try to avoid giving your audience this negative impression on social media. Instead, the advertisers should promote their business by providing meaningful and engaging content which the users find genuine and relatable.

  • Keeping track of the traffic.

As a basic rule of thumb, it is of paramount importance that the advertiser must know which links and outlets are attracting the greatest amounts of traffic to their business’s commercial pages. There are a ton of websites and software that can help you simplify this monitoring process. It could even help you capture important data about a specific link in the name of the link itself. 

  • Know all about your target audience. 

Each advertiser should be thorough about their target audience. There are many ways to do this. Selecting different methods for different platforms is important to produce the best results. What works on Instagram might not work on Facebook. Therefore, it is important to track the prime influencers in the concerned niche. Many online portals help in finding influencers based on data associating certain keywords and their relevance and popularity on the platform of certain influencers.

  • Provide an easy yet discreet log-in system.

After ensuring that your user is clicking on the promotional link, the task at hand isn’t over. All users need a welcoming and convenient medium. This is a major key to increase conversions. However, for this, you can even set up a social login system which lets users sign-up with a Facebook or Google account. They don’t have to make separate IDs for login. This definitely promotes convenience and ensures smooth synchronization. Also, please make sure that you don’t show an involuntary pop-up in the face of the user as this may drive inquisitive users away.


  • Simple checkout process.  

Keeping a very long or complex checkout process will ultimately decrease the chances of conversion into a sale. The user is most likely to change their mind halfway through. The interest shouldn’t be poked. Make sure that they can easily move to the payment page and it’s smooth. Providing multiple mediums will give more ease to the user while being clean and efficient will greatly expedite the payment process. The lesser time user has to spend in the waiting line, the lesser time they’ll have to reconsider their choice.

Having strong tracking social analytics and ensuring that the website and landing pages have strong calls-to-action can help you attract and retain a lot of new customers. But maintaining an effective presence on social media is important as it increases customer allegiance and conversion takes time.



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Instagram Advertising Cost: Boost ROI and Lower Ad Cost

Instagram has over 1 billion active users on a monthly basis. This makes it one of the most popular platforms of advertising. But it can turn out to be quite expensive, therefore finding ways to lower your Instagram advertising cost is vital.  

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It is important to know the purpose before opting for Instagram advertising. It could be to expand brand awareness, increase web traffic or e-commerce sales or just downloads. However, different goals need different approaches. The following are the approaches to each of them: 

  1. Goal

Increase brand awareness and boost e-commerce sales. 


Since Instagram is a visual platform, therefore, it is an ideal place to showcase lifestyle products and services. It allows people to discover and make purchases from their mobile devices. Different ad formats, including image and Stories ads, can be tried. 

How to Lower Instagram Advertising Cost

Recognize what types of ads perform better for your business.  

Focus on ads that incorporate Call-To-Action (CTA).

Use native Instagram Images

  1. Goal 

Grow blog traffic and promote downloads. 


To funnel traffic to blog and download landing page, create photo and video ad campaigns with a call-to-action button to promote more blog visits and downloads. It could be with feed photo ads and/or Stories. 

How to Lower Instagram Advertising Cost

Use the lowest-cost bidding option.

Optimize campaigns for website click-through and landing page visits.

Integrate a call-to-action to ads to significantly improve performance. 


  1. Goal 

Drive more traffic to the connected Facebook page. 


To promote brand awareness and encourage people to visit the Facebook page, an effective split testing campaign should be run to find an ad format that would boost traffic and brand lift. Also, by using traffic optimization as the campaign objective, the feed and Stories ads should focus on relevant images. You can also put a “See More” option to prompt people to click through or swipe up.

How to Lower Instagram Advertising Cost

Use automatic Facebook bidding to reduce the chances of overbidding or underbidding. 

Put the campaign on auto-pilot as it would use the social network’s smart algorithm. Set a frequency cap. 

Additional Tips to Lower Instagram Advertising Cost 

The following tips were given by some very smart advertisers to cut costs: 

1.    Zero-in with pinpoint targeting

In order to get the best ad campaign results, one must precisely target their ideal audience. It could be based on different criteria like location, demographics, interests, behavioural patterns, custom audiences and similar audiences could be put together. This would help in reaching more people who would be genuinely interested in your products and services. Ultimately, the ad content will be based on their likes and wants, giving you a high ad rank and lower cost-per-click. And this will lead to increased conversions.

2.    Create more relevant destinations

It is important to build relevant landing pages and websites which are directly relevant to the ad content. It would promote targets’ interests and this will consequently automatically reduce your Instagram advertising cost. Therefore, efforts must be put to custom-design the ad content depending on the target audience.

3.    Repeating testing 

In order to lower Instagram advertising cost, it is important to make A/B testing a priority. Testing the ads is important as it will help you to create the most relevant ad copy possible. It ultimately results in a higher ad position and lower cost-per-click. It is essential to consider all the factors with different levels of importance. Testing highly differentiated variations will help you gain insight into what types of ads or copy your audience likes and dislikes. 


Instagram is a prominent platform which is gaining importance on an everyday basis. Therefore, it is a good idea to use Instagram as an advertising platform. These tricks will not only help you to reduce your advertising cost but also boost your ROI. 

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Audience targeting

Ways To Target B2B Audience Using Social Media

Business to business audience targeting allows the advertisers and their clients to engage in programmatic advertising by putting forward their digital ads in front of the viewers who are most likely to purchase their product. Consider an example of a company which sells washing machines and they want to increase their sales. The marketing team will target on the management level employees like hospitality and housing companies. Therefore in these prospects, money is spent on advertising to people outside the target audience. This allows the company to bid on the ads shown to the qualified leads. This B2B audience strategy helps in improving ROI for online ads. These companies stand in the market to benefit from the audience targeting solutions in the sales and marketing tools and aim to reach more qualified prospects at a lower cost to the business.

For B2B business, social media audience targeting can be a challenge for sure. It could be tricky to figure out where and how to find the audience. Listed below are some moves figured out for our B2B readers :

  • Job targeting on Facebook

In mid-2018, Facebook removed many of it’s targeting options across its network. But, Facebook brought it back in September with some improved and targeting options. The advertisers can now target employers, job titles, education, admins and field of study. One of the most useful features is the Job Title Targeting feature. This lets the advertiser choose from occupations like fishing to recruitment. Facebook even made recommendations and shows the audience sizes for specific fields chosen. Facebook now has 2.27 billion users, which can be a big pool of people to choose from for the advertiser.

  • Competitor Targeting on Twitter

In the area of B2B advertising, Twitter can be a tough cookie. This platform has a lot of limitations compared to Facebook. Whereas one plus point of it is that it lets you target your competitors’ followers. This is like a blessing on us that it does all the hard work and guesswork on its own for us. All we have to do is make sure that the competitor selected has a good following. This trick helps you to stick in the industry by being more specific in the field. Competitor targeting is a gold mine for the B2B Businesses, if you get it right, you can get some really valuable traffic and engagement.

  • Audience  on Linkedin

LinkedIn campaign manager has the easiest to use and advanced targeting options for B2B ads. One can target demographics and add additional qualifiers, making the target audience more specific. While at the start of the campaign, Start with selecting the location. Linkedin provides a range of areas like company, education, interests, etc. All of these options help the advertiser to narrow his choices. Linkedin does for B2B what Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest have all failed to do. It has helped the advertisers to form professional connections based on a specific goal. Therefore the understanding of these subsections is a key to creating a perfect audience for your B2B ad.

  • Retarget Traffic on Facebook

The advertisers can use Facebook to retarget people who have gone through your content before also. Here are a few groups. You can retarget on facebook:

Website visitors: In your Facebook retargeting like include the people who have been to specific landing pages on your site.

Facebook Page Likes: If someone has liked your business page, they are most likely to be familiar to your brand. Encourage them and put them under the retargeting list.

Engagement with your content: Make a targeting strategy for the people who have viewed your videos, visited your blog, etc.

This feature can be used to create a dynamic ad to promote all your products and services.

Remember to optimize your campaign, play around with the budgets to see what is best for your business and never stop testing.

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Facebook Updates

Facebook Updates in 2019

Facebook is one of the most common social media platforms with over 2.38 billion monthly active users. It is widely used for publicity, advertising, marketing, information and so on. With technology updating itself every other day, it is very important to upgrade apps very often. This is the only way not to go obsolete in this fast progressing technological era. Therefore, all the apps launch their newer versions every now and then. Not just this, an update pops up every few weeks just to clear small glitches and to improve user experience. Facebook recently declared that a lot of changes are coming up. These changes are pretty happening. Along with this, updates in Facebook Messenger will also take place.  

The following changes can be very advantageous for marketers and businesses, therefore it is important to know all about them to take leverage from these novelties.  

  1. Increased Focus On Privacy

Mark Zuckerberg has set the tone for the future: a stronger focus on privacy. He stressed on the fact that measures would be taken to maintain privacy. Earlier posts were shared openly online by the people, with the aim to reach as many people as they could in their network and reveal more about themselves each day. But now, Facebook understands that its users need a sense of intimacy more than ever.

With this shift in the mindset, the future for Facebook and its apps, including Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram, will have tons of improvements in their privacy settings. More spaces for private interactions, stronger end-to-end encryption would be inculcated. However, no official launch date has been announced for these features. But Zuckerberg made it clear these improvements are in line.

  1. Facebook Changes Its Algorithm

Facebook keeps changing its algorithm frequently. This time the updates would affect what people are seeing in their feeds. The first priority would be given to friends that the individual user wants to hear from (based on past engagement) and then on increasing visibility to the links that the user finds most valuable. Undoubtedly, not all of Facebook’s past algorithms have been friendly to Pages. But the latest algorithm updates are not designed to impact Pages. All these are methods to improve the scope of social media marketing.

  1. Messenger On The Line Of Update Too

As per the reports, all new Facebook Messenger will be lighter and faster. Also, all the messaging apps– Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram would be made relatively seamlessly integrated. This would involve re-engineering the architecture of the platform completely. However, once accomplished, these apps would be much faster and easier for users to use. This is good news for marketers and advertisers as this means that they could run different styles of Messenger Ads as more usage could mean more potential placements on the board.

Facebook is also rolling out some new business tools along with these changes. Messenger, in particular, is going to have a drop-in option with book appointments option, lead generation templates and easy authentication. These will enable brands to provide customer care and drive actions like lead generation or even in-store traffic through Facebook Messenger. These features would be out soon.
These changes are huge and will turn out to be game changers in the field of social media marketing. Facebook is not only promoting marketing but also taking measures to make it more user-friendly and to expand it on larger platforms. It promotes greater privacy and the greater community features were definitely welcome changes! Also, they are offering a huge opportunity to marketers and advertisers to organically grow the size of the audience with the help of Facebook Groups and to build a community of engaged followers online.

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Social Media Marketing

6 Tips To Manage Your Social Media Account While You Are On A Vacation

Being in the industry of social media marketing, it can be really hard to disconnect yourself to take a vacation. It’s termed to be as the nature of the job. The job requires round-the-clock commitment, therefore the people try to avoid any kind of vacation. It’s a fine line to walk on, but there’s a way out to have the best vacation and marketing maintain in both hand in hand. Given below are the tips to what to do before, during and after your vacation as a social media manager:

  • Before the vacation

You are required to execute this plan around one or two weeks prior with your team for the effective accomplishment of the plan.

  • Schedule Your Content

When you’re just a week out from your vacation, gather your team to discuss them about the various marketing campaigns and other content related stuff that might affect the strategy and content plan. Once you’ve set up the whole picture in front of you, start to schedule every piece of the content that needs to be live at the time you aren’t at work. Also in addition prepare plus three days additional content on the backend. This will give you a nice buffer in case you run into any type of issue. Plus if nothing goes wrong at that point of time, then it would feel nice to return to work without having to worry about posting the other day. If you are a social media manager of Instagram too, this can help you auto-publish posts on the social media by scheduling them in prior.

  • Onboard Your Temporary “You”

Get yourself an onboard team member who will handle your work while you are away. Appoint that person to handle all the emergencies or questions while you’re out of the office. Whereas you can schedule the Instagram posts, but still you’re gonna need someone to monitor the comments, answer DM’s, post stories content, etc. Remember to set aside time to make sure that the member should know everything, from the content plan to the marketing tools used by you.

  • Create An Emergency Plan

What would you do if something goes wrong with your content while you are away? That’s why it is necessary to make an emergency plan and implement it when needed. The plan should cover all the areas. Don’t forget to discuss the plan with your team members and review it to the stakeholders. Make sure everyone is in the agreement before your departure so you can have a great vacation with things running off smoothly.

  • During the Vacation

Now it’s time to sit back and relax !!

  • Set Rules For Yourself

If you can’t detach yourself from work, the key to having a good vacation plus effective work is to set boundaries. Make sure that you have set up specific check-in times and properly escalate things that need attention. Otherwise, you might fall into the void of endless emails in your inbox. Also ask your teammate to call or text you, only if it’s a real emergency.

  • After The Vacation

Are you feeling refreshed after the vacation? Settle in and now get back to work.

  • Settle Back Into Your Routine

This might be a bit difficult but you need to wake up and get back to work. Now that you are already prepared with the extra content before you left, this will help you regain the energy back so don’t overextend into rushing everything.

  • Get Updates From Your Point Person

Once you have settled in, check back in with the point person to see how things went on. Get to know if there was anything serious that had happened while you were out. Discuss your process and if things are required to be improved.

Working in the Social Media Industry expects the employee to be accountable 24/7 to them. But taking a vacation is very crucial for one’s health, creativity and happiness. And to achieve all this, you need a little preparation in prior and a supportive team.

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Facebook Ads

6 Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes

The total number of social media users worldwide in 2019 is 3.484 billion and as of the first quarter of 2019, Facebook had 2.38 billion monthly active users. The number is humongous and each of them spends at least an hour on this platform, which makes Facebook one of the best platforms for social media marketing. However, figuring out how to optimize your strategy isn’t always easy. There are a lot of tiny mistakes that are committed by the marketers which depletes the sole purpose of advertising on Facebook. 6 of the most common Facebook advertising mistakes are:

1.    Lack of a landing page

An advertisement without a landing page is like asking the viewer to not only see your advertisement but also to specifically open the website on a browser.  And that scenario takes place rarely. Absence of the landing page would mean that the purpose of Facebook has been watered down and turned ineffective.

2.    Too many words

Previously, Facebook had an automated ‘20% rule’. As per that rule, the word content couldn’t be more than 20%+ of the ad image. However, this rule was taken down but research proves that fewer words worked better. Higher percentages of word content risk the reach and effectiveness of the entire campaign. It gets boring for the readers to read long headlines. It was concluded that around 5 words were sufficient in the ad. Readers could easily be lured by short and catchy headlines on Facebook.

3.    Overlooking Video as a Marketing Method

The amount of content being created on an everyday basis is enormous. And not everything a person reads stays with him. However, strong words along with images or videos can leave a much stronger impact in comparison to only textual ads. Therefore, maximum advantage can be taken if Facebook advertisements are supplied with not just text but also some visual content. Since it’s not so prominent, therefore marketers could use this opportunity to fill the void and gain attention by posting video-based ads.

4.    Connecting to an irrelevant audience

A marketer could have a catchy advertisement yet not make a good impact. This could be due to a mismatch between the ad and the targeted audience. Since the main purpose of a Facebook advertisement is to generate new attention, so it is very important to cater to the right audience. In-depth analysis is required to know more about the targeted audience. Also, this can help the marketer in saving a good amount by reaching only the concerned potential number of people.

5.    Choosing the Wrong Type of Ad

Facebook offers many different types of advertising options. Another common mistake is when a marketer picks an ad type without making sure it’s the most appropriate type for the desired response. A marketer must be familiar with each type and its purpose and this will help him/her in selecting an appropriate ad. It could vary from a picture, video to slideshow or a canvas. Different type of ad types works for different types of audience. Also, the placement of the advertisement matters. It could be a desktop ad, mobile ad and/or a landing page ad. However, it takes a careful mix and testing to find the perfect advertisement and the right mode too.

6.    Testing Too Many Things at Once

A marketer could test different kinds of Facebook ads depending upon the type of targeted audience. But each of this should happen in adequate isolation. This gives time to the marketer to research on the level of impact the advertisement had on viewers. Putting multiple types of advertisements out on Facebook at the same time would make each of them competitive towards the other, thus reducing the impact envisioned by each one of them.
As a marketer, it’s is very important to be smart and flexible to be able to craft innovative and creative ideas for Facebook ads. The value and importance of social media marketing can’t be undermined. Being patient and regular experimenting often results in better than expected payoffs. Each marketer can learn from his/her own mistakes but these tricks can help you in avoiding a few of them.

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