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Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2019

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Be a digital marketing rock star with the latest Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

According to a recent survey, around 82% of today’s consumers perform research online and 79% of the same shop from E-commerce platforms. The role of digital marketing cannot be ignored in present times as it helps businesses to reach global audience with a cost-effective advertising approach. Also, the results obtained by online marketing campaigns are trackable and measurable. With the advanced components of digital marketing, you can serve your customers better with more personalized services. 2018 witnessed some of the time-changing digital marketing trends such as artificial intelligence, personalization, content marketing, native advertising and more. The trends of e-marketing are continuously changing with many improvements in the existing strategies. As 2019 is already knocking at the doors, let’s check out the upcoming digital marketing trends and techniques that will impact the ROI of the companies.

Digital marketing trends to rule in 2019

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) will dominate

AI will most likely dominate digital marketing in the upcoming year. You can use AI for analyzing search patterns and consumer behavior. This will help you to know how exactly consumers find services and products on the net. AI can also provide useful tips to visitors on your business website. According to the recent surveys, at least 25% of the online consumer services will make use of AI technology by the year 2020, a significant hike from just 2% in the year 2017.

  • AI and Chatbots staying here

Chatbots will again be an essential digital marketing component in 2019. Chatbots are AI-based technologies that chat with the visitors on your business website in real-time. By the year 2018 More than 1.4 billion consumers are already communicating with chatbots. According to eMarketer. More than 25% of the world population will be communicating with chatbots by 2019. Over 80% of online businesses are planning to implement chatbots by the year 2020.  

  • Video Marketing

Videos will become one of the major components of digital marketing in 2019. Most importantly live videos are obtaining huge popularity, with many businesses already making use of them for product demos, interviews, etc. You can even take this one step forward by choosing customized video messages over emails and phone calls.  

  • Voice is going to rule

With personal assistant devices around, it has been found that voice searches constitute one-third of all 3.5 billion searches done on Google daily. This phenomenon is the result of the innovations in the field of machine learning, automaton, conversation interfaces, natural language processing,    and deep learning processes. Voice searches are still in their initial stages and if you develop your SEO strategy for voice searches, it will be quite easier to be among the top results.

All you have to do is to create your search phrases in more conversation way, instead of written terms. Since your customers will “speak” instead of “typing, it makes sense to have content in align with voice searches.

  • Visual Search

With visual search, you can give your customers a new level of user experience. This will allow them to upload images to perform online searches and obtain more accurate results. Many business websites have already adopted various advanced tools of visual search. With this digital marketing component, you can effectively propel customers, serving them better.  

  • Personalization

People are uploading a huge amount of data each day. Hence, getting insights into information about them has become easier than ever before. This has led to enhanced personalization, which has resulted in higher consumer expectation. Content, emails, and products can be now based upon the clicked links, purchase history, and social media uploads of the consumers.  

  • Micro-influencers

Social media influencers are increasingly becoming a huge trend. We now witness YouTube millionaires, Instagram stars, and Twitter influencers who have a large number of online followers. Their posts get millions of responses as soon as they are uploaded. However, the prices of the services of these influencers have skyrocketed over time. What you can do now is, use micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are going to be a major digital marketing trend in the upcoming year.  

Omnichannel Marketing

With consumers getting more sophisticated, they seek information through various channels.  Multichannel marketing was a step in this direction as a customer may be targeted through Facebook, Twitter, Email subscriptions and more. However, multichannel marketing lacked the desired connect. Now, there is omnichannel marketing that provides seamless and continuous communication with prospects across the channels. According to a study by Invesp, the companies having omnichannel strategies in their marketing retain about 89% customers as compared to only 33%  customer retention rate for the companies with less effective omnichannel marketing.

How to leverage these trends and techniques for your business

Above are discussed the different digital marketing trends that we expect to see in the coming year.  However, we cannot expect a business to implement all these trends at once. It is always important to  get an understanding of what your competitors are doing in the same areas. It is better to go with one or two things that resonate with your business and the demography you are focusing on, one at a time and invest your time and funds in these areas to get measurable results.

Conduct targeted research before investing in it. For example, your target audience may not need an AR or VR, you can opt for video marketing or may get good results by incorporating voice chatbots. So, the point is, do not go with each and every trend, and just see which technique can get you the best results.

The new trends in digital marketing can surely change your online marketing approach, making it more effective and customer-oriented. Explore these trends in-depth to understand their full potential. Known as a leading Digital Marketing agency, Aqugen Technologies has the expertise and experience to carve digital marketing strategies using the latest digital marketing trends.  By outsourcing your online marketing requirements to the best digital marketing agency in Delhi, you can get 100% productive Digital Marketing Services for your online business.