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gallery ads

Besides being a Google advertiser do you like the various carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram and want to get the same feature on Google Ads? Well, the wait for this just got over with the new year of 2019. Google has introduced the Gallery Ads this year in the Google Marketing Live Keynote. The announcement of Gallery Ads by Google has led to a storm in the market. These interactive ads  are present on the top of the Search Engine Page Results. These ads usually include a display URL or text headline and the most important feature is that it features swipable image carousels.

 In these ads, every image is accompanied by a tagline, and with a headline on top of the screen to let the user swipe into your carousel. The advertisers can include up to 8 images, each with a tagline caption of 70 characters. You can also write up to 3 different headlines to test all the kinds of combinations. Whether you are looking for the nearest Subway outlet or Baskin n Robbins, you always rush to Google for help. According to a test conducted earlier on the Gallery Ads, it showed that it is capable enough to drive more than 25% of the engagements than the standard text ads. These ads are particularly focused on smartphones to effectively communicate with the audience. 

Take a look at an ad on the other side of the screen, imagine what if the image would have been replaced with a description, It would turn out to be a boring ad, and not effective at all. The reason is that the image of that Spicy Chicken Burger in the ad did a great job in exciting your taste buds and virtually tried to satisfy your hunger. If you would have seen this ad at the beginning of you customer journey, then it would definitely leave a strong impression on you. But if you saw that in the end, the picture of the Spicy Chicken Burger won’t be good enough to close the deal. This is the main reason why the Gallery Ads were introduced, to create an impression on the user’s mind.

In the case of B2C companies like gyms, hotels, spas, etc should give a try to the gallery ads. With the ability to showcase their products and services in a single ad to make very much effective. Let’s take an example of you working in a travel agency and you are advertising the Mexican Resort. Therefore to drive in a lot of mobile traffic to the website, you would create an ad group for people who would belong to keywords like “Summer Vacation”, “Mexico Hotels” and “Mexican Resorts”. How do you think the customer would resist swiping through your mesmerizing carousel on the net? This is the best way of converting too. As the human brain process the image part 60,000 times faster than the text with a process of 14 milliseconds. 

Now taking the case of B2B companies, gallery ads can help you achieve victories. For example consider yourself to be in charge of paid search of a company that helps small businesses to build landing pages for the ads. Pictures of benefits you provide, quality scores, conversion rates would make you ad more appealing. This could help you to communicate the value of the product and brand your business as a friendly resource. The consumers are more likely to retain the content with a visual image as people remember 85% of what they see and 15% of what they read. Keeping in mind that images are hard-hitting and more memorable than plain text, Google has left its long lasting impression by introducing the gallery ads.The customers have actively responded to the ads with a swipeable imagery gallery. With the increase in the competition, the digital market pays to get into the next big thing early. Being an advertiser, start to create your very own gallery ads as soon as they are available to you. The faster the move you will make, the greater you will be able to hold the advantage over your competition.