Make Your Instagram eCommerce Sales Rocket Up
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Make Your Instagram eCommerce Sales Rocket Up

According to a recent report Instagram has announced that they have 500 million active users. Out of which around 350 million logs into the platform every day and are active followers. This factor puts social media marketing upfront. Around 97% of Instagram users engage regularly with different brands around the world. It has a good ROI, And ROI is something your business requires the users are in a mood to buy. Also if you are an influencer, you can earn around $4,200 per year by just promoting other brands. If you are looking forward to getting eCommerce sales from social media like Instagram, then there are a few tips below to help you with it.

      • Social media helps to crave out authenticity and the brands want to be a part of it. If you are able to create content from the root, and it’s a bit boring then it will definitely not work in here.
      • Try to get more and more comments on your Instagram profile. Also, on the other hand, comments help you build an important relationship between the brand and the user.
      • Ensure that the quality of the content is of high quality as it can act as a currency to get engagements with the targeted audience. 
      • Make use of the Hashtags, which are relevant to your product.
      • Pre-load your content in advance dates by using various marketing tools. This will help ensure that you keep your Instagram profile filled up with relevant and good updates under regular intervals.
      • Responding to your comments is as necessary as having good content. This could bring up a huge effect on your business in a good sense. Try to assign this work to some dedicated member of the team to handle the support requests on all of your social channels.
      • Better brand visibility means higher is engagement. Make sure that there isn’t any way left from your side to reduce the number of steps before the actual conversion. 
      • Create a customized landing page with your profile’s link.
      • By just having a look at your competitor’s profile page, you will be able to figure out that their somewhat main reason to get successful is by sharing personal and private photos on the page. This is done by them to emotionally make a connection with the users.
      • If you want to sell your eCommerce sales on Instagram, it might work. Make a rule to make your customers feel valued and focus on to engage the community with plenty of content generated by users. 
      • Share behind the scenes photographs on your feed. This would help you to emotionally connect with the audience by giving them a peek of the backstage. Try to share as many photos and do not forget to add a geotag on them. Remember that posts that have a geotag, one gets a 79% increase in the engagement.
      • 40% of the Instagrammers follow a rule of giveaways and perks. Try and announce discounts with much more appealing texts and graphics.

Instagram usually does not requires one to have a budget focused on generating sales. For the audience, it is like a shopping mall. Therefore, if you are an eCommerce website, you should implement these tactics as soon as possible.

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