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5 Most Popular Social Media Sites

5 Most Popular Social Media Sites

The most popular form of marketing is social media marketing and no market can question this. However, it can be done with a different purpose. It could be because a marketer is looking to venture into social media marketing or when a business owner is looking to leverage on social media. In all these situations, it’s very important to know the most popular social media sites around. Indeed, this will not only allow you to maximize the reach of your brand on social media platforms but also in engaging with the right and in achieving your social media goals.

In order to understand which social media site would be most appropriate, it is important to do enough research. The topics of concern should be the size of the social media sites and whether the selected social media site(s) is the right fit for your business and its image. The company should be clear about its brand image, target audience and most importantly, its budget.

 It isn’t necessary to be on each of these social media sites. Making an impact is what matters the most. So, the list of the most popular social media sites are as follows:

  1. Facebook

Monthly Active Users- 2.4 Billion

The reason why Facebook is the biggest social media site around is that it has more than two billion people using it every month. All the numbers related to this social media site are huge. More than 65 million businesses are using Facebook Pages and more than 6 million advertisers actively promoting their business on Facebook are few statistics. It is very easy to promote on Facebook as you can use any content formats.  Be it textual, images, videos, going life or putting 24-hr stories. It is important to know that the Facebook algorithm prioritizes content that sparks conversations and meaningful interactions between people, especially those from family and friends. This can be put to good use! (Talk about Facebook ads)

  1. YouTube

Monthly Active Users- 1.9 Billion

YouTube is a video-sharing platform wherein users watch billions of videos on an everyday basis. It is as simple as creating a YouTube channel and then uploading videos for your subscribers to view, like, comment, and share. YouTube is another subsidiary of Google and is known as the second largest search engine after Google. You could upload videos or use YouTube ads for promotion. This is the second-best way to increase your reach to a wider audience using this platform.

  1. WhatsApp

Monthly Active Users- 1.5 Billion

WhatsApp is a messaging app which is being used by people in over 180 countries. It was started with the purpose that people could communicate with their family and friends. Eventually, people started communicating with businesses via WhatsApp. Now, it has been building out its business platform to allow businesses to have a proper business profile. It could either be to provide customer support and/or to share updates with customers about their purchases. Some new versions of this app are also in process with a business point of view.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Monthly Active Users- 1.3 Billion

Facebook separated its messaging feature by launching a standalone app, Messenger in 2011.  It is a messaging app and marketing platform. Businesses can now advertise, create chatbots, send newsletters and do so more. These features have given businesses a myriad of new ways to engage and connect with their customers at the ease of a few clicks.

  1. Instagram

Monthly Active Users- 1.3 Billion

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media app. This one also allows you to share a wide range of content such as photos, videos, stories, and live videos. Recently, it has also launched IGTV for longer-form videos. It is easy to create a separate business profile on Instagram which will provide you with rich analytics of your profile and posts. It also gives an option to schedule Instagram posts. This is a platform which is gaining popularity on an everyday basis.

These five are the most popular and widely used social media platforms for advertisements and promotion. The cost of promotion is much lesser and far more effective than any other mode of advertisement. 

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A Guide to PPC Conversion Rates

A Guide to PPC Conversion Rates

PPC is the most popular model of internet marketing. As per this model, advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Called as Pay-per-Click model, it is a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically. Search engine advertising is the most popular forms of PPC. It gives access to advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links. This is the first link that pops up when someone searches on a keyword that is related to their business offering. 

Conversion rates are considered to be the most common metrics that PPC campaign runners focus on. But it is important to know that it is a strong indicator of the ad’s performance. It is calculated using the number of conversions you get divided by the number of users who click on the ad and they ultimately visit your website or landing page. Conversions are considered when the users take the specific actions that you’re optimizing for. 

This can mean sales, but purchases aren’t the only type of conversions that advertisers are prioritizing. 

The types of conversions are:

    •   Generating sales
    •   Submission of lead generation forms
    •   Subscriptions to a blog or video channel
    •   Registration for an event, signing up for a free trial and more. 

What does PPC Conversion Rates signify?

The conversion rate mainly signifies how successful an overall ad campaign is during its driving action. Consequently, this tells how effective your ads are when paired with your landing page or website. 

What are the problems associated with PPC Conversion Rates? 

If the ads have high click-through rates but low conversion rates, then it’s a signal that there is a disconnect between the ad and the landing page. 

If you notice this obstacle then probable causes are:

    •   The landing page doesn’t align with the ad you’ve created.
    •   Offers that aren’t visible on the landing page. 
    •   Weak landing page
    •   Inappropriate language
    •   No CTA button
    •   Slow-loading landing page
    •   Complicated to navigate

Want to know more about keyword planner?


Tips for PPC Conversion Rates Optimization

These tricks and tips can help you to make sure that you optimize the conversions and drive the highest results from the PPC campaigns. The tips are:

  •   Provide relevant information in your ads.

It is important to give relevant and maximum information to the users. They should get exactly what they are looking for. Adding non-sense or irrelevant information drops the conversion rate drastically. 

  •   Check your site loading speed. 

It is important to check the loading speed at regular intervals. Slow speed could impact conversion rates and sink them. This is true for all the PPC campaigns. Look for elements that are slowing down your site and get rid of them. 

  •   Create relevant and targeted ads.

Importance of resonating campaigns with the target audience is paramount. This can increases the success of your ad campaign tremendously. This can be done by categorizing audience segments. Also, use retargeting to re-engage customers and boost overall conversion rates.

  •   Don’t neglect other metrics. 

Having a strong conversion rate is good, but that’s not enough. Therefore, it is important to optimize your entire ad campaign for conversions. Keep a check on other metrics like cost per conversion, cost per click, etc.  If these costs are too high, then your campaign wouldn’t be a success overall. Keep an eye on your campaigns to make sure that you’re spending on clicks lines up as well. 


Maintaining strong conversion rates is in direct relation with profitability and ultimately, indicates campaign success. This should be in accordance with other metrics. Taping conversion rates can also be useful as you can troubleshoot issues in your funnel and determine what can be done to improve results from the PPC campaigns. 

 It is important to note that conversion rates do fluctuate based on other factors like location, industry, purchase value, etc. The longer the funnel, lower the initial PPC conversion rate will be.

However, retargeting can help boost overall conversion rates, making up for the different and increasing your overall ROAS, so make sure it’s a part of your PPC mix.

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Make Your Instagram eCommerce Sales Rocket Up

Make Your Instagram eCommerce Sales Rocket Up

According to a recent report Instagram has announced that they have 500 million active users. Out of which around 350 million logs into the platform every day and are active followers. This factor puts social media marketing upfront. Around 97% of Instagram users engage regularly with different brands around the world. It has a good ROI, And ROI is something your business requires the users are in a mood to buy. Also if you are an influencer, you can earn around $4,200 per year by just promoting other brands. If you are looking forward to getting eCommerce sales from social media like Instagram, then there are a few tips below to help you with it.

      • Social media helps to crave out authenticity and the brands want to be a part of it. If you are able to create content from the root, and it’s a bit boring then it will definitely not work in here.
      • Try to get more and more comments on your Instagram profile. Also, on the other hand, comments help you build an important relationship between the brand and the user.
      • Ensure that the quality of the content is of high quality as it can act as a currency to get engagements with the targeted audience. 
      • Make use of the Hashtags, which are relevant to your product.
      • Pre-load your content in advance dates by using various marketing tools. This will help ensure that you keep your Instagram profile filled up with relevant and good updates under regular intervals.
      • Responding to your comments is as necessary as having good content. This could bring up a huge effect on your business in a good sense. Try to assign this work to some dedicated member of the team to handle the support requests on all of your social channels.
      • Better brand visibility means higher is engagement. Make sure that there isn’t any way left from your side to reduce the number of steps before the actual conversion. 
      • Create a customized landing page with your profile’s link.
      • By just having a look at your competitor’s profile page, you will be able to figure out that their somewhat main reason to get successful is by sharing personal and private photos on the page. This is done by them to emotionally make a connection with the users.
      • If you want to sell your eCommerce sales on Instagram, it might work. Make a rule to make your customers feel valued and focus on to engage the community with plenty of content generated by users. 
      • Share behind the scenes photographs on your feed. This would help you to emotionally connect with the audience by giving them a peek of the backstage. Try to share as many photos and do not forget to add a geotag on them. Remember that posts that have a geotag, one gets a 79% increase in the engagement.
      • 40% of the Instagrammers follow a rule of giveaways and perks. Try and announce discounts with much more appealing texts and graphics.

Instagram usually does not requires one to have a budget focused on generating sales. For the audience, it is like a shopping mall. Therefore, if you are an eCommerce website, you should implement these tactics as soon as possible.

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Know How To Create The Perfect SEO Report

In order to create a good SEO report can be a daunting task for sure. Every advertiser needs to meet both the elementary and robust needs of the company. In this case, SEO reports play a vital role. Mentioned below are some essential points you need to make SEO reports for the clients:

  • Traffic: Channel 

If your client’s main goal is to get organic traffic to their website, they always put traffic at the beginning of your SEO report. A Source/Medium section would give more specifics about where the traffic is coming from, where one should spend your time and spend. 


  • Conversion Rate and Goal Completion 

Your clients will be interested in the metric of the conversions, hence make your conversion rate visible at an SEO report. Once you know the rate, it can help you to explain the rest of the report. The best way to illustrate the conversion rate is through goal tracking.

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  • Page-Level Traffic

 One may know where the visitors are coming from at this point, but it’s important that where they are going. Make a report for the client to find trends and see what people are actually clicking on to bring in the traffic. It helps the client to know whether they should spend more time to improve the product page or do they need to publish more photos and videos.


This tool will not only show the clients the speed of their pages but also let them know what to fix. While the metric is important, SEO has shown success to give in great user experience. One video or image can slow down a site but in some cases, the tool must reveal critical issues that may be harming the SEO performance.


  • Time On Site And Bounce Rate 

Bounce rate and time on site help one to give insight into whether the content you are creating is “sticky”. For example, if you see that the users are leaving the landing pages after 10 seconds, but the landing pages have many outbound links then you should probably don’t need to worry about time on the site and bounce rate for the page.


  • Rankings And Links 

Like most of the agencies and marketers still, report on a single keyword ranking. Google shows different results based on a variety of factors, like history, personalization, etc. There are a lot of tools that can help one monitor the links on gains and losses. These tools can give one insight into the competition and where there are a lot of SEO opportunities. 


  • Future Recommendations And Execution Plan

 The best thing one can offer to their clients is to give them a recommendation section at the end of every section. 

No matter what metrics are pulling out, one should have been an option to compare timeframes: month to month, year to year, etc. Always use the comparison feature to create great SEO reports for clients.

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Lenovo and LG India experiment shows that digital investment leads to ROI

The number of users who use mobile phones and the internet are increasing on an everyday basis. This is why almost every brand has to ensure that their digital presence is not only felt but also strong. Many of these brands have made their accounts on different social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to engage with consumers and to spread awareness. Recently, Lenovo and LG started an experiment to determine the effectiveness of these new mediums over a period of two years. They worked with GfK to analyse cross-media marketing campaigns.

The results were quite eye-opening. More than 60% of Indian consumers check their smartphones within the first five minutes of waking up and around 30% of this digital population in India check their phones more than 50 times each day. This implies that Indians spend a lot of their time online through their mobile phone and this is a huge opportunity for brands to connect with potential customers digitally. They could use a different media mix for the same. And media mix modelling was used to validate media campaign effectiveness.

Media mix modelling is a popular concept from the 1960s that measures all the possible factors that drive brand sales across all media and devices. The goal is to understand the external factors that affect the decisions of a potential customer and to understand every media moment which takes place during the journey of a consumer that contributes to the eventual sale.

The following variables were considered when the concerned product was Lenovo’s notebooks and LG’s panel TVs. GfK built a mathematical model to assess these variables which impacted the sales.

  1. Paid Media

This involves:

a. Traditional media channels like TV, print (newspaper and magazine ads), offline display (Billboard advertising).

b. Online media includes different social media platforms like Google Search, YouTube, etc. Calculating advertisement pressure by using different parameters like Gross Rating Point, Target Audience Rating Point, etc. and ad spends by calculating both gross spend and net spend.


  1. GfK Point-Of-Sale Data

This includes calculating sales volume, sales value and prices of each commodity.

  1. External Control Factors

This includes considering seasonal and macroeconomic variables like GDP and Inflation Rates whichever are co-related. Offers given by the competitors or at the time of product launches and the price gaps.


Digitalisation Helps in Increasing ROI

The study of media mix modelling from GfK revealed that digital advertising plays a crucial role in increasing sales of electronic products in India. The conclusions were drawn. The digital platforms contributed more than 70% of the sales for Lenovo’s notebooks and more than 40% for LG’s panel TVs during the specified period starting from January 2016 till December 2017. These platforms include Google advertising and YouTube mainly. “This study helped us develop a stronger understanding of our media investments, and I am sure that learning will aid our team and agencies in driving better optimization and ROI.” These words were stated by Mr Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer, India and South Asia, Lenovo.

This entire experiment was to the importance of media mix model to both companies, Lenovo and LG and not just to focus on sales conversions. For Lenovo’s notebooks, the digital return was a strong 38 per INR. On the other hand, for LG’s panel TVs, every one INR invested returned an impressive 88 per INR. After coming to the conclusion, Mr Rahul Tayal, Director, Strategic Business & Marketing, LG India stated that this media mix modelling study by Gfk has really helped them get closer to an efficient and optimal media mix. While LG has been a proponent of digital marketing, the fact that digital media drives significantly higher sales impact and ROI than other media is a key business and marketing insight for us that will shape our media planning going forward.

Therefore, it is evident that the traditional channels continue to play their role in the overall marketing mix but the importance of other streaming options can’t be undermined. They are rapidly disrupting the advertising ecosystem. It is clear that digital platforms deliver both efficacy and efficiency.


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lead magnet

What Does It Need To Be A Good Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is an incentive that a marketer makes an offer to the buyers in exchange for their contact information like an email address or so. They usually offer a piece of downloadable content, like a PDF checklist, Ebook or maybe a video. In order to generate leads, businesses need a lead magnet for sure. No person in the world is going to give their email addresses even if they like your brand.

Let’s take an example of a blog post that has an option for updates in the end that the viewers have to fill in their emails. And on the other hand, one could ask it’s readers to join your email list by downloading a free PDF for them. Which one do you think will have the most email signups?  Definitely the second one.

Quality leads are not very easy to achieve without these tips to be a good lead magnet: 

      • Being a lead magnet, you should be able to solve the real problem of your customer or if you can’t give them something they want, it’s worthy of any effort then.

      • It should promise to deliver a quick win or help them easily achieve something.

      • The more specific you are going to be with your benefits the better it will convert the leads.

      • The lead magnet should have both high perceived and actual value.

      • The lead magnet should work in it’s the best way by delivering the content right away.

With so many types of magnet leads, the advertiser tends to navigate through all of them. Mentioned below are some characteristics of making a good lead. 

      • Start with a Checklist. A checklist helps to convert the best out of all the lead magnet, as they can be consumed very easily. They act as an actionable list which has details of all the viewers. On the other hand, they are also very easy. For instance, you can summarize the popular blog posts as a checklist and then turn it into a content upgrade, and combine it with an opt-in form, and then watch your conversions hit the sky. 
      • Secondly, cheat sheets can be made to give the user a list full of guidelines or procedures that they can follow again to achieve a special benefit. Many bloggers tend to use cheat sheets to make their blog posts go viral as theses sheets act like a benefit-driven lead magnet for them. 
      • A template can give out an outline or give a start point for the users to fill in the blanks. For example, a magic template simply makes the owners copy and paste words into it and automatically sends them to the influencers in the industry.
      • Swipe File is next to irresistible because of the ease of just copy them. These can work very well with the examples. An advertiser could turn one of its popular posts into a lead generating machine by optimizing it with some examples.
      • Webapp is a free tool that resides on your site and requires a login to use. It also helps you to get readers email when they login into it. 
      • A worksheet can help people to complete a specific exercise or figure out something. A simple way to get it done is by simply letting them download and fill out a form in their computer. 
      • A printable can be great for you if you are in the creative industry and your readers expect something attractive from you to print out. For example, your user need in something handy with them, like a grocery list can be helpful for them.
      • Gated content is a simple blog post that is hidden in the email form. It is quite easy as it uses your content which has already been published earlier.
      • If you offer a service, you could make a free coaching session in exchange for an email address. The best thing about a session is that they get your prospects on the phone and those people expect to hear your pitch. This can be very effective in acquiring high-end clients.
      • If you have a product catalog, don’t miss to attach it with the magnet as a bottom of the funnel. 
      • Many brands tend to offer free consultations to their readers. This could act as a great move. The best thing about this is that it gives one a natural excuse to ask for emails and even a phone number. 

Go ahead to pick up any one of these high converting lead magnet ideas. Once you’ve got your magnet in action, it will be easier to deliver the lead magnet with a high converting form.



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effective video marketing

Tips for Effective Video Marketing

All the video marketers around the world experience 66 percent of more qualified leads per year and achieve a 54.6%  increase in brand awareness. Now, if you’re sitting there and wondering the video marketing is worth all your money and effort, then don’t let your doubt put you to rest because the option is definitely worth it. Video marketing isn’t a hard job, but something that is hard is that How can you do it effectively? 

By starting with what is video marketing, in here, you record and post the videos with an intention to move forward your business goals in the market. In this case, all you need is a great video marketing strategy to stand out. And once you’ve developed it, there are some tips you need to keep in mind to move up your stakes of video marketing.

Tell A Story

Telling a story in your video is a golden rule for any kind of content marketing being audio, written or just a visual. The advertisers need to put their attention on to add value to the audience ‘s lives by providing them with actionable advice instead of directly promoting the product would be a bit bizarre. Storytelling is the perfect opportunity to ignite strong emotions like if you present in real life problems of your product, it will help you drive in a customer. Also if you go by the stats, around 80% of the brands prefer to tell stories as a part of their marketing.

By making videos that will directly publicize your product, will make your audience tired and sick of being interrupted with your advertisement and promotional stuff. Even if you opt for paid promotions, prefer to go with the creation of a video that often narrates a fascinating story instead of a simple show off for your product’s features. 

Charge in your first 10 Seconds

An average internet user shows up a short attention span, hence a boring, plain and single video ad wouldn’t grab their eyeballs to look onto your ad. Around one-fifth of the audience will click away from the video with the 10 seconds only if they find it boring. But what if you make it crystally interesting right from the start. 

Those 10 seconds should be capable enough to answer the question in the subconscious mind of the viewer that “ What does this video have in for me?”. Take note in to display your end result by proving the value of the video.

Use Closed Captions 

Around 85% of the people have enabled the option of captions in their videos. This trend has come along with many social media likeTwitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Facebook generates around 8 billion views per day and these posts have 136% higher reach than the regular ones. Hence, this is sure that a huge part of your video marketing ROI can be derived from the platform of Facebook. 

If you want to excel in the marketing post stunning videos with closed captions, in this way it will help you increase leads, engagements, and clicks. The closed captions allow your viewer to enjoy the content. Moreover, it would be a boon if you could translate them or have multilingual subtitles for the viewers belonging to other groups of languages. 


Optimize Your Video

Both organic and paid search engine marketing comes up to be as a big part in a digital marketing strategy. There’s a lot your video content can get, just like the other text contents like blog posts, case studies, etc.

Not keeping the fact that Youtube is the second largest engine after Google itself, the optimization of your video content for both of them can take your ROI to a whole new level. To reap more and more SEO, try to host it on your own domain before putting it up on any other social media. As Google can extract snippets and display it on search queries, therefore have a keyword with rich transcription. Refer to the main key points mentioned below:

  • Choose a relevant title 
  • Don’t clickbait
  • A comprehensive video description can bring up a good bunch of viewers
  • Add relevant tags
  • Closed captions are a must.

Call To Action

CTA has always provided the viewers to stick around and make them interested in the offerings made by you. They can be turned into qualified leads if you provide a CTA option in the end. You can provide actions like Browse the catalog, free trial, subscribe, etc. Also, if it comes to hosting a video on your own main domain, it isn’t necessary to display CTA in the end. According to a report, around 380% of people place CTA in the video instead of on the side of a page. So, don’t forget to add CTA throughout your video.

Your goal to meet the needs of video marketing should be to educate your viewers and establish a sense of leadership. Don’t forget to share the content on social media where your audience loves to hang out.


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How To Get Your Real Estate Business Online?

In today’s world of competitive online mediums, there has been no shortage of ways to market in the real estate area. As there have been many people getting involved in the real estate business, the agents have asked professionals to help them for assistance in the field of digital marketing. Mentioned below are the ways to flounder around in a sea of competition with loads of clients:

  • Right from the basics, Built a Professional Website! There is a huge difference between professional and regular websites. While focusing on the build, making it more upon the functionality and aesthetic. Make sure that the quality of the contents, photos, etc are on point. Don’t try to bombard on your client with too many ads and ensure that people continue to check back again for freshly new updates.
  • Make use of the Matterport 3D cameras which would stitch up a three-dimensional house for the entire property that the client can fly through, despite sitting at home. This gives an accurate depiction of space to the buyer.
  • Photos have always been very important for the business of real estate. As being in a world where people judge the book by its cover, making them look at a great picture of a house would increase your chance of converting them by catching their eyeballs.
  • Go for video-walkthroughs to offer more insights into the home and how it will look on. This will give a better sense to the buyer by allowing them to make sure of what the place looks like in reality. This could be a better way to save money by using a simple high-quality smartphone instead of spending lots of money on a drone.
  • You can opt for a blog to deliver a large amount of effort to build in a platform for the audience over time. Deliver information on mortgage and home prices or anything that you think would be useful for the buyers.
  • Setup Google Analytics to track in all kinds of metrics to relate to the content and visitor over time. Just plan in to set your goals, make your posts do well, etc.
  • Instagram is a great social resource for reaching out to a wild audience. Whereas it’s not difficult to reach the audience here due to the recent changes in the algorithm. All you need to do is set up an Instagram profile and use it as an opportunity to post photos and videos or capture lifestyle imagery that makes you stand out of the crowd. Try to connect with others by using popular hashtags and check on your competitors on the same platforms.
  • Reach out for yourselves to the social media influencers. Despite a small budget, you can get hold of many social media influencers which will help you bring in more audience to your page and build a bigger profile for you. However, carefully choose your influencers as they might have a whole bunch of fake followers.
  • One of the biggest components in marketing real estate is to build up a free offer to collect email addresses. Many real estate agents and websites pop up there just after you visit their pages. This is done by collecting your emails. However, it is a completely different concept to get the full use of that email being sent.
  • Email Marketing Systems like LeadPages would help you to create landing pages to invite people so that you can collect email addresses. This might sound a bit weird in the starting but email marketing is where the money resides. Use the email campaigns to add value to the campaign and catch up quickly.
  • Local radios and television stations have always in the market reporting about the real estate. Find stations and send them a letter or video of yourself pitching about your ideas. This isn’t easy but if you are worth, you will be able to gain the attention of the right audience.
  • Integrate the system for referrals into the email signatures so that it could be more of like passive instead of active. Once completed a few transactions, network with your clients and ask them to refer you on to their family and friends.
  • Maybe you can offer an Amazon gift card or something like that to pitch in your clients and ensure you treat all of them in the right way to make them feel special.
  • Set up your local business page on google. Target in for the correct keywords. For example, if anyone would search for “Best Realtor in New Jersey”, your brand name should pop up. This could be an important step to solicit reviews of buyers on google once you have established your profile.
  • Build up your brand professionally but also get a logo. Go to a company to get top high-quality designers to work for you and make a logo for you. A logo would act as an appeal to the buyers.
  • Facebook is still the biggest platform with the largest number of users. Build your, Facebook Page, Once you’ve done that, ensure that you are active on that and continuous in uploading good content in a notable time interval.

Use these tips to make up with your custom advertising strategy to boost up awareness and close more deals. The better you cater to these tips, the better are your chances to grow the lead and customer base.

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Why Digital Marketing is Best for Business Growth


Over the last decade, Digital Marketing has come of age. It has now become imperative for every business to have a strong digital marketing plan in place to reach a wider audience. Otherwise, the business might lose out on customers to its competitors. With more than four billion active internet users, Online Marketing is slated to outperform other conventional forms of marketing. Businesses who have not yet integrated digital marketing in their business plans, need to do so at the earliest.

Here are some interesting facts about digital marketing industry from 2018: –

  • 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a part of their content strategy.
  • 52% of online traffic now originates from smartphones.
  • 60% of people have started using voice search for their requirements.
  • Mobile Advertising will make up 72% of digital advertisement spending by marketers.

What is Digital Marketing

In simple words, Digital Marketing is the term used to describe those marketing activities which are carried out over the internet. It involves the use of various online promotional and marketing platforms to convey the message to target users. Digital marketing not only helps generate instant results, but it also allows real-time monitoring of the results. This enables the business to track the performance of each aspect of its digital marketing plans and take corrective actions. According to a recent report, more than 40% of active internet users spend over 6 hours every day online. It presents an incredible opportunity for businesses to target such a vast user base.

Types of Digital Marketing

With the rapidly evolving online space, digital marketing has witnessed the emergence of several new channels. These channels present excellent opportunities for business to reach a wider audience. Some of the most popular types of digital marketing are: –

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Mobile Phone Advertising
  • Viral Marketing

Why is Digital Marketing Essential for business growth?

Role of Digital marketing has become crucial for small and medium businesses, who have to compete with big corporations. Businesses all around the world realize the importance of making their business model more internet friendly and incorporating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. They are availing digital marketing services from the best digital marketing company to help with their business growth. Here are the major reasons that help digital marketing drive business growth for all types of businesses: –

  • Cost Effectiveness: – Digital marketing helps the small and medium business reach a wider audience at a fraction of cost as compared to traditional marketing channels. It thereby allows businesses to maximise their limited resources by saving on marketing expenses.
  • Higher revenues:According to Google, organisations that use sound digital marketing strategies, have almost 280% better chances of growing their revenue. Digital marketing helps businesses have a better conversion rate online and thereby helps with revenue growth.
  • Interaction with the target audience: – Digital marketing allows businesses to get in touch with the target audience and engage them with the brand. Longer and frequently the customers engage with the brand; better are the chances of them buying the product or service.
  • Mobility: – Digital marketing allows businesses to target customers even when they are on the move. According to a recent report, more than 52% of digital experiences for users start with smartphones.
  • Level playing field: – Online space offers equal opportunities to all types of businesses, irrespective of their size and space. By offering a level playing field to small and medium scale businesses, it allows them to compete effectively with big corporations.
  • Increase brand recognition: – Digital marketing allows businesses to have a uniform presence across various digital mediums. This helps foster brand recognition for the customers, which ultimately leads to brand loyalty.

Many experts have given their opinion that any business that does not embrace digital marketing will find it hard to survive in the future. This is the biggest reason behind increasing demand for an experienced digital marketing agency in Delhi and other cities in India. Thereby creating a large number of digital marketing jobs for skilled individuals.

What is the need for a Digital Marketing Agency?

As the name suggests, Digital Marketing Agency is that organisation which leverages its understanding of various nuances of digital marketing and allows its client businesses to realize their true potential in the digital space.

Due to the increasing complexity and competition across the online space, it has become necessary for businesses to avail services of specialized Digital Marketing Agencies. It has been necessitated by the lack of knowledge and skills in the in-house marketing teams. As per the 2017 In-house creativity industry report, more than 68% of in-house marketing teams collaborate with external digital marketing agencies. The advantages offered by these agencies are quite extensive such as: –

  • Digital marketing agencies have professionals with in-depth experience of respective digital marketing channels. It helps them deliver results in quick time and without much hassles.
  • Digital marketing agencies have separate teams for specific tasks; it helps them perform even the most complex assignments with ease. The employees of these agencies are always up to date with the latest knowledge and skills in the field.
  • It is significantly cheaper to outsource digital marketing services to an expert agency. Businesses need to pay on a project to project basis, i.e. there are no fixed commitments of any sorts.
  • The Digital marketing agency is accountable for the tasks performed by its team. If the clients are not satisfied with the results, they can easily transfer the work to another agency.
  • Digital marketing agencies have access to advanced tools and resources, which an in-house marketing team can not afford to have. These latest tools come in extremely handy to improve the results from digital marketing campaigns.

With increasing demand for digital marketing professionals, a large number of students and professionals are undertaking different types of digital marketing course.  This will help them get the necessary digital marketing certification, and they will be able to help businesses with their digital marketing needs.

By using the latest technological innovations in the field of digital marketing, businesses can significantly enhance the efficiency of their marketing plans and effectively achieve their marketing goals.

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Digital Marketing Campaigns

Top Marketing Campaigns in 2018

When it comes to the internet, it holds all the answers, and nothing seems personal. The 21st century has created an advance social platform for both big and small business to advance their marketing schemes and grow as a company. Digital marketing has taken a toll on using the latest technology in ad campaigns and has provided a platform in targeting specific audiences. The latest study states that about 70% millennial consumers are influenced by references provided by their peers for buying stuff. Still, the second most popular platform was found to be YouTube in influencing purchases. The digital marketing strategy of various businesses does entertain as well as inspire their audiences by creating innovative ad campaigns. Digital marketing gained popularity in 2015, and it has a high-risk factor in which companies still partake in.

Successful digital marketing campaigns 2018

It is no secret that the role of digital marketing is widespread in promoting a brand. Social media has benefited various brands by providing a platform for the promotion of their product. So here is a list of some of the best digital marketing campaigns of 2018:

1.Spotify: Starting with Spotify’s New Year’s resolution campaign, the year 2018 had a new found digital marketing start. In this campaign, they focused on streaming data and playlists of users and printed out stories on billboards around the world. The witty slogans showed how much Spotify pays attention to their consumers. Many of these billboards gained popularity on social media and were shared thousands of times. The idea of bringing social media and big screen together observed a tremendous spike in engaging content at more local level.

2. Amazon: While Alexa lost her voice, the brand gained a lot of recognition with the most creative digital content of 2018. Amazon Echo is a voice controlled device used for setting up calendars, playing news and music and controlling smart appliances. When Amazon decided to go big and launched an advertisement during the Super Bowl, it proved to be one of the most viral and successful marketing campaigns of 2018. The idea of replacing Alexa with celebrity voices was both creative and fun to watch. The details and the powerful characters like Cardi B, Gordan Ramsay and Sir Anthony Hopkins sure made the ad even more interesting. It gained over 47 million views and defined the power of online marketing.

Also the “Introduction of Amazon Echo” commercial showing a family experiencing the useful nature of Alexa for the first time unintentionally build a lot of trendy memes which itself helped gain Amazon a lot of views and popularity.

3. Adidas: Stepping strong for 30 years, the international athlete brand Adidas launched a crowd engagement campaign in April utilizing the 30,000 runners of the Boston Marathon promoting their latest apparel. Showing each participant’s individual progress, the campaign was a mix of both innovative content and technology. This real-life value based idea gave a meaningful experience to the people. The video gained over 100,000 views in two days. This proves that the Digital marketing services even to the popularity of single apparel.

4. Intuit: Intuit took the saying ‘For a big success, you need an even bigger story’ very seriously and created an animated video called “A Giant Story”. Intuit is a Silicon Valley software giant who, with their latest campaign, showcased the complexity of their services through a huge Robot. It also gained popularity with Snapchat filter featuring the character and references on various other social media sites. The goal here was to bring all of the Intuit’s brands together and showcase how all of them are stronger together. The ad ran during the SuperBowl as a 15-second teaser driving viewers to watch the whole short story. CMO Lucas Watson said in a statement that:

There are 750 million people who work for themselves around the world who juggle managing their finances while pursuing their passion. With today’s economy, and the pressures of managing time and money, sometimes it can seem like the odds are stacked against them. But Intuit exists to work for them.

The brand even promises more executions and additional digital channels in the future and was one of the most famous digital marketing examples.

5. LinkedIn: What’s better than changing the focus from own brand to the audience? The “What are you in it for?” campaign included a series of professionals sharing their stories and defining what are they in it for. LinkedIn is a social media network connecting millions of companies and employees to a single unit. The campaign included online videos, social media marketing, outdoor ads, search engine marketing and partnerships. The videos are black and white documentaries about various business and people sharing their success. The campaign engages the audience even more by spreading the message “Whatever you’re in it for, we’re in it together”.

6. KFC: The campaign was more of a secret publicity stunt on Twitter and was done just in the hopes of somebody figuring it out. The official account of KFC on Twitter follows a total of 11 people including 5 Spice Girls and 6 other guys named herbs. It was first figured by a twitter user @edgette22 who tweeted the same and found it difficult to digest. The tweet gained a lot of popularity and was Favorited over 700,000 times. Although it wasn’t a loud campaign, but it sure was innovative. KFC then following the stunt posted a painting of the user @edgette22 carried by Colonel itself, which was again retweeted and Favorited a lot of times.

The power of digital marketing channels has created a widespread platform for brands to promote and increase their viewership by launching various products. The popularity of e-marketing, of course, comes from the fact that a lot of millennial are planted on the mere idea of using social media for various purposes. This results in companies taking risks and launching various campaigns. The popularity and success of these campaigns encourage other teams to come up with various ideas of promotion. Even though all campaigns are diverse, but the common platform of digital marketing ties them all to a single thread.

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