Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid
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Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing has the potential to generate unmatched ROI for your business, but figuring out how to optimize your strategy isn’t always easy. There are lots of cardinal errors that are made by marketers which depletes the sole purpose of the email marketing.  If used correctly, email marketing campaigns will increase conversions and offer a return beyond your wildest dreams.

The following 10 mistakes happen far too often and can be easily avoided:

1.    Uninteresting Subject Lines

This is the most common and repetitive error committed by most of the marketers. Uninteresting subject lines lead to ignored marketing emails. The targeted recipients are ruthless, callous and unforgiving when faced with a flat subject line. A lifeless opening line will lead to your email’s premature demise even before it discloses its purpose.

2.    Not Optimising For Mobile Users

An email which wouldn’t open in the mobile phone of the recipient would be sent to trash straight away because more than 65% of the users open their emails in their phones. It also includes that the images and designs should be mobile friendly as well.

3.    Sending Too Many Or Too Fewer Emails

Consistency is the key to success. Email marketing follows this principle. Often marketers expect sales after sending the first set of emails. However, it has been observed that 70% of sales emails don’t make it past the first attempt. On the other hand, don’t spam your recipient’s inbox with an array of daily/ weekly emails. Ultimately, the recipient will click on the “unsubscribe” button.

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4.    Lacking A Value Proposition

Expecting someone to go through an email which has no relevance to them directly? This is a really common mistake wherein the recipient receives an email which doesn’t offer something of value to the recipient.

5.    Forgetting A Call-To-Action

The CTA is the next step by which the recipient is helpfully directed to a landing page. Ultimately this was the aim. Lack of it would mean that the email served no/little purpose.  

6.    Not Cleaning Subscriber List

Sending emails to an unsubscribed or uninterested recipient is simply futile and simply adding more to your cost. Make sure you clean your subscriber list from time to time.

7.    Using heavy language

Many emails contain heavy and unrelated vocabulary words that make it difficult for the recipient to understand the meaning of the text, thereby losing the sole purpose of the email.

8.    Sending Emails At The Wrong Time

Luring subject lines and catchy deals are as effective as the timing at which the mail is being sent. Sending an email at an inappropriate time is equivalent to sending none. However, there is no perfect time at which an email must be sent, but you can start by sending emails at one time for a few months. Then, switch to another time for a few months and compare the respective results.

9.    Ignoring Analytics

Marketing email analytics are crucial to the success of campaigns. They tell what is working and also show what isn’t working.

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10. Not Using Automated Email Marketing

It’s a tough balancing act to calculate the appropriate number of emails but this issue can easily be tackled by using an automated email marketing software. Even though it will add to the marketing budget, but in the end, it would turn out to be an asset and can pay dividends.
With technology leaving its mark everywhere, it is the best way to spread awareness about your business using different digital platforms. Email marketing is the most commonly used digital platform medium. These tricks and hacks can help email marketers to utilize their email marketing campaign to the best of their abilities.