Want To Know The Benefits of Real-Time Bidding?
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Want To Know The Benefits of Real-Time Bidding?

benefits of real tine bidding

Real-time bidding (RTB) is used to automate something that could be done manually. RTB platform uses the marketing specifications which you can use to input and it helps you to find the right places to display the ads. Not only this, but it also makes use of the financial data that the advertisers supply and then the bids on the ad placement are placed without any intervention. And since 2013, each year more business owners are using this approach.

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Benefits of RTB

  1. Ad reaches the right audience

Using RTB ensures that the advertisers can more efficiently determine where their ads need to be placed to reach the greatest number of targeted consumers. Also, instead of spending a lot of time in evaluating the potential of a website for the right location, advertiser just needs to specify the type of setting for the ads. RTB software conducts constant evaluations to find a new and appropriate place(s) to run the ads.


  1. Controls Costs and Reduces Waste

RTB comes with an option to target each advert impression. So, the advertiser can easily avoid the bulk-buying of ad space that is mostly wasted on irrelevant web users. It also makes it much easier to accurately estimate the true value of each ad impression. Also, real-time bidding software monitors and enforces a frequency cap across all ad inventories. This means limiting individual users to a specific number of ad views. Consequently, it saves a lot of marketing cost and wasteful consumption of the inventory.



  1. Improving Online Marketing Strategy

RTB provides feedback regularly which will help you understand what appeals to your target audience and what needs to be revised or edited. Since an advertiser gets such detailed information about how many ad impressions are generated. So, the relationship between ad impressions and sales figures can be easily tracked. So, this allows the advertiser to move faster and make changes if need be so that the ad directly appeals to the right target audience.


  1. Improves Performance

Since the campaign is controlled by software and its performance can be observed in real-time, so the advertiser could make decisions much faster. Optimisation of the budget can be done regularly.  It can be moved between markets, to attain the best reach and ROI.


  1. Better targeting

Real-time bidding shows the results instantly. It indicates the changes required and showcases the tricks to target the right audience. However, creative can be designed specifically for a single audience segment as well. Advertisers can use their data as a template and then use it to expand the size of the audience they are targeting.

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  1. Protecting the brand

RTB gives an option that instead of purchasing across a whole ad network; advertisers can simply stipulate quality levels that match their brand. Also, Ad verification services can help in maintaining blacklists. This also prevents ads from being shown in dubious positions.


  1. Easy integration with other digital marketing channels and platforms

RTB allows the display to be linked with other digital media campaigns, such as video, social, PPC and SEO. So, this makes the integration of different digital marketing channels much easier. Also, RTB campaigns allow the ability to reach any screen such as desktops, tablets, mobiles, etc. This concept is quite adaptable to the current scenario wherein we are using multiple screens most of the time.

The list can go on even after listing these benefits associated with real-time bidding. However, each advertiser has their own experience and that can only happen when they start to explore. Whether you are with an advertiser in some international organization or you’re operating a small business, RTB can help you build an online reputation. It will help you reach the right consumers and help you structure a campaign so that it’s more competitive in today’s ever-changing world.

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