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Ways to Optimize your website for lead generation

Lead Generation

The business practices have come a long way from staying enclosed within metal shutters to accepting e-wallet cash by small vendors; technology is right there knocking on our door. Every big business firm to small MSMEs are doing business online with accepting orders to providing customer service; the world is moving at the pace of light.

Any company investing in a website for its business has the sole motive of maximum conversion through lead generation, and how to achieve that? The answer is not just sales; it’s a vast arena where every point needs to be taken care of. One can very well realize that B2B lead generation holds a lot of importance in case of effective sales lead generation as the sales representatives strive hard to generate leads from every place they can, and it sets back the motivation when it doesn’t lead anywhere. The CPL (cost per lead) should be planned with effective keywords so that the publishers of advertisement are satisfied with the revenue along with the owner.

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  • Try the most attractive forms

One should always recognize the potential of existing ways that are employed to generate leads. At times a little magic brings the magic. The principle applies to all walks of life, even technology. Coming back to the point, when someone studies the existing lead generating streams, improvements can be made in the lacking areas. For initializing the determination, one should determine the place of majority traffic origin and the maximum outreach of the page.  There are simple methods that can be deployed for such lead generation marketing-

  • E-mail marketing – The global flux of visitors might be from the links opened sent through e-mails. This is probably the best method to garner more eyes for one’s website.
  • Social media – There is a possibility that the Ad campaign is running on various social media platforms like Facebook, twitter redirects users to one’s website.
  • Blogs – Customers might be active bloggers who were influenced by the highest up-voted blog and opened the website.

It is easier to adapt the landing pages according to the requirement of the visitors once the majority origin of leads is inferred. After that, the administrator can modify the forms and determine whether the landing pages are of any significance to the visitors or not.

  • Channelise each lead generator.

As mentioned earlier, existing sources of leads must be thoroughly examined. Once it’s done, improvement must be made to the content of the page. There is various lead generation software available that can test not only existing sources but also provide valuable suggestions on how to improve the content available.  

           There might be a competition among one’s landing pages, and there might be one who is getting much greater leads than the other one. The rift might be huge (in thousands), but the visits might not be converting into profits as in the other one. That means, the former page might be exciting and intelligently placed but lacks proper content for conversion. Hence by conversions, optimizations can be made.

  • Attractive call-to-action on the homepage

The homepage for any website is the champion in many cases. It acts as a welcome page for the visitors along with a guide on how to interact with the website in total. The primary factor in play is the “call to action” which attracts visitors to check out the specialties being offered by the website. What needs to be kept in mind that a visitor is seldom in a mood for knowledge and requires as little fact as possible to seal the deal, therefore, it might prove fatal to lead the visitor to a lengthy epistle of statistics.

A person might offer free service, free subscription on the homepage itself which is good practice to tap every visitor. It makes a good impression on the prospective customer that a service offering free trial must be confident of its product and might think of getting it permanently. Free subscriptions entitle them to receive notifications about the advancements made recently while no charges are collected from them along with no commitment expected from them again acts in favor of the company as let’s face it, we buy a scrub pad after consulting two shops and that too after the third day of consultation! We might not have software for that, but we have lead generation strategies which constitute such offers.

  • Providing a live chat facility

Live chats are not provided just because they are in trend, but they provide a real-time experience for the service provider to know about consumer expectations. At times, one loses a lot of customer feedback due to the barrage of emails fired that are not cared to be replied or even read at times. This could act as a significant lead generator if used judiciously.

The above can come true only after the accurate determination of real-time expenditure by the consumer on pages and average consumer traffic on the landing pages. Thereby the live chat can be deployed on pages with maximum visitor flux as it is evident that people must be needing maximum assistance in those areas. It also helps in gaining powerful insights about consumer behavior along with building a reputation for the company as well.

  • Specialised calls-to-action

An attractive website depicts the use of vibrant colors and pictures which help in keeping the visitor glued to that screen. Along with customization, dynamic content makes one’s website stand out among peer websites. Visitors must feel that the website they are visiting is adapted for their personal use by specific calls-to-action buttons, easy menu, images and product option suited explicitly for them.

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In an independent survey, it has been claimed that personalized calls-to-actions have the potential of up to converting 42% more visitors than monotonous calls-to-action. We all know that all of us love a little bit of individual attention and that’s why we prefer buying electronics from that person who knows us personally instead of any online portal.