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6 Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Facebook Ads

The total number of social media users worldwide in 2019 is 3.484 billion and as of the first quarter of 2019, Facebook had 2.38 billion monthly active users. The number is humongous and each of them spends at least an hour on this platform, which makes Facebook one of the best platforms for social media marketing. However, figuring out how to optimize your strategy isn’t always easy. There are a lot of tiny mistakes that are committed by the marketers which depletes the sole purpose of advertising on Facebook. 6 of the most common Facebook advertising mistakes are:

1.    Lack of a landing page

An advertisement without a landing page is like asking the viewer to not only see your advertisement but also to specifically open the website on a browser.  And that scenario takes place rarely. Absence of the landing page would mean that the purpose of Facebook has been watered down and turned ineffective.

2.    Too many words

Previously, Facebook had an automated ‘20% rule’. As per that rule, the word content couldn’t be more than 20%+ of the ad image. However, this rule was taken down but research proves that fewer words worked better. Higher percentages of word content risk the reach and effectiveness of the entire campaign. It gets boring for the readers to read long headlines. It was concluded that around 5 words were sufficient in the ad. Readers could easily be lured by short and catchy headlines on Facebook.

3.    Overlooking Video as a Marketing Method

The amount of content being created on an everyday basis is enormous. And not everything a person reads stays with him. However, strong words along with images or videos can leave a much stronger impact in comparison to only textual ads. Therefore, maximum advantage can be taken if Facebook advertisements are supplied with not just text but also some visual content. Since it’s not so prominent, therefore marketers could use this opportunity to fill the void and gain attention by posting video-based ads.

4.    Connecting to an irrelevant audience

A marketer could have a catchy advertisement yet not make a good impact. This could be due to a mismatch between the ad and the targeted audience. Since the main purpose of a Facebook advertisement is to generate new attention, so it is very important to cater to the right audience. In-depth analysis is required to know more about the targeted audience. Also, this can help the marketer in saving a good amount by reaching only the concerned potential number of people.

5.    Choosing the Wrong Type of Ad

Facebook offers many different types of advertising options. Another common mistake is when a marketer picks an ad type without making sure it’s the most appropriate type for the desired response. A marketer must be familiar with each type and its purpose and this will help him/her in selecting an appropriate ad. It could vary from a picture, video to slideshow or a canvas. Different type of ad types works for different types of audience. Also, the placement of the advertisement matters. It could be a desktop ad, mobile ad and/or a landing page ad. However, it takes a careful mix and testing to find the perfect advertisement and the right mode too.

6.    Testing Too Many Things at Once

A marketer could test different kinds of Facebook ads depending upon the type of targeted audience. But each of this should happen in adequate isolation. This gives time to the marketer to research on the level of impact the advertisement had on viewers. Putting multiple types of advertisements out on Facebook at the same time would make each of them competitive towards the other, thus reducing the impact envisioned by each one of them.
As a marketer, it’s is very important to be smart and flexible to be able to craft innovative and creative ideas for Facebook ads. The value and importance of social media marketing can’t be undermined. Being patient and regular experimenting often results in better than expected payoffs. Each marketer can learn from his/her own mistakes but these tricks can help you in avoiding a few of them.