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Machine Learning

Everything a marketer needs to know about machine learning

Let’s admit that we, being the marketers use only a fraction of the data that we collect. It’s not that we don’t want that data. We really do need it. Let’s take an example, that you follow each and every customer, you keep a record of everything they read, see all the websites they went to, Where they clicked on, etc. Hence with all that knowledge, you could sit on your desk and design a marketing strategy for them with real ease.

Every client requires a personalized and hand-crafted marketing strategy and execution for every prospect the marketer could have. Being able to focus on every bit of data about the prospects and customers is not at all easy, we are not machines, but humans for sure. But What if a well-programmed algorithm could follow on each one of the prospects and could recommend the perfect piece of content out of the whole big pile of documents? What if the same algorithm could predict the perfect time for your ace salesperson? 

Then Machine Learning is your answer. 

Machine Learning is nothing but an application of artificial intelligence that provides the systems with the ability to just use the data to answer questions of the marketer. One of its strengths is its algorithm’s accuracy which can improve over time as it can learn on its own. So, if a program plays ping pong, it might be considered artificial intelligence, a program that can learn to play any other game would be an example of machine learning. And if the game tends to set up multiple levels in it, then these complicated machine learning systems are called deep learning.

While the marketers would be interested in the machine learning to find leads. Or optimize the message systems, this can also be used for other applications like in finance, weather, or in any large set of data. More than 80 percent of marketing executives believe that machine learning is the new revolution of the marketing industry. Also by going with the numbers around 27% of the marketers are very confident in the understanding of Artificial Intelligence used in the marketing line. 

The major issue that rose up was about how machine learning really work came up as a different study. The biggest issue why the marketers are unable to understand the concept of machine learning is that their biggest impediment is to its adoption in their work as they think that AI can’t take place of their manually working heads. Despite this, on the other hand, various marketers from different cities are willing to dive into it in any way, as long as they will get an assurance of increased revenue, improved traffic and engagement, higher conversion rate and a better close rate for the sale.

Machine learning can change the world with its concepts. And also it can be a bit confusing at times but all it requires is to go back and improve the marketer’s quality of the data. The marketers who have excelled in here can lead in the field ending up ruling the industries. Google has also created a guide to help the marketers optimize the Machine Learning Marketing Effort, whether you are just a professional one or a beginner.

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Chat Bot

Know Everything About A Chatbot !

This is a new age era where the machine does not only makes our work easy but also interacts with us either through voice devices or messengers. This is an era of Chatbots. Top social networks and companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google are using Chatbots in their devices and applications to give a whole other level of technology. 2.5 billion people around the world install at least one messaging app. Even Twitter followed suit and provided with automated customer service using the very same technique. But what exactly is a Chatbot and how does it function?

What is a Chatbot?

A service or tool that communicates with you via messages is a Chatbot. They are mostly based on machine learning and are programmed with such intelligent rules about what to respond when a person is saying a particular thing. A machine is talking to you. Sounds amazing right?

It can offer a wide variety of services from news reports to buying clothes and accessories or anything that comes in between.

There are two types of Chatbot currently used:

  • Rule-based: Certain pre-set answers are added to the tool or service for various expected questions.
  • Artificial Intelligence Chatbot: It not just answers your questions but gets smarter with each passing conversation and adds intent and emotion to its programming.

Chatbots was initially associated with text interactions only which allowed to chat with the application or tool. But with the introduction of Alexa and Siri, it is gaining popularity in voice conversations as well. With people using messaging platforms more than social media apps, Chatbots is being delivered by more and more companies to provide with an easy interaction method.

Uses of Chatbots

The following can be some of the uses of Chatbots:

  • Ordering pizza
  • Suggesting products
  • Providing customer service
  • Weather forecast
  • Finance assistance by banks
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Search and track flights
  • Finding restaurants and hotels
  • Sending money

How were Chatbots born?

You will be amazed to know that the history of the invention of this type of tool goes way back to 1950 with the invention of a computer program called ELIZA. Invented by Weizenbaum, ELIZA imitated a psychotherapist by using only 200 lines of code.

The first AI Chatbot was invented in 1988 by Rollo Carpenter in the form of Jabberwacky Project. The inventions continued in the year 2000 by Robert Hoffer building a relationship with millions of users via AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger. The services provided by it included news, weather, movie time and even acted as a personal assistant.

After various other huge companies like Facebook have used that Chatbot, Google, Amazon, Apple etc. by providing interactions between consumers and machine.

How does it work?

The working of Chatbots depends on the types of Chatbot used. As already discussed, chatbots are of two types: Rule-based and AI based. While the rule-based chatbots only work on the pre-planned questions and their possible answers, the AI based chatbot is much smarter and understands the sentiment behind the question and even learns and improves its working over time.

The technical working of chatbots is based on using a programming language like Node.js or PHP for making a web API as a backend and any messenger like Facebook, WeChat or Telegram as the frontend and connecting the two via webhooks.

The natural used language and interaction thus resulting seems an easy task. But thousands of programmers for over half a century have been putting a lot of effort using complicated algorithms, analytics, machine languages, APIs and other programming languages to create such services and making our lives easy.

Mark Zuckerberg when first introduced Chatbots in messenger said that “never met anyone who likes calling businesses”.

Why is it so important?

More people use messaging apps then social media networks. The marketers who found it easy to sell their brand on social networks are now shifting their attention to messengers as well where most consumers are going to be. A recent survey suggested over 63 per cent of consumers agreed that they want businesses to be available on messengers while over 49 per cent of consumers were comfortable in talking via messages to businesses rather than on phone calls. Might you think actual humans can also respond via messages right?

Well yes, they can, but the key to excellent service is not letting you customer way for a response. The actual human will naturally sleep, eat and do other personal chores while chatbots are machines which work 24/7 and can give full concentration to the needs of the consumer as it is well just a machine. The opportunity even increases for businesses as chatbots are already engaging a large number of consumers and with the usage of AI technology they are even smart and understand your sentimental values.

Chatbots for marketing

Suppose you are running a travel business and the consumer has specific questions he needs answers to. Well here is when chatbots come into play. Even chatbot can ask questions on what kind of vacation they are looking for or what location they might prefer.

It can also be used by say a fashion brand is wanting to sell the product. The customer can ask for the colour of dress and size directly via a chatbot rather than scrolling through the entire range of your products. Or even exact type of news or weather forecast for a particular place can be delivered by news channels via chatbots. It provides with a whole other customer experience engaging consumers like never before.

Chatbots also let one collect vast amounts of data based on likes and dislikes of the audience. They are easier to use than any app as they don’t need to updated and work on servers.

Now is the time to use chatbots. Be it a growing business or a huge company; chatbots can provide with one-on-one interactions with a large amount of audience. And yes with the bonus of 24/7 service, chatbots are the most efficient technology to use.

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